Saturday, 22 October 2011

This Week's News Questions

Who or what are the following, and why have they been in the news ?

1) Nigel Richards
2) Ice cream sandwich
3) Fauja Singh
4) Stena Navigator
5) Amanda Boxtel
6) Malcolm Fyfield
7) Charlotte Berry
8) Tesla
9) Nabila Nankufa
10) Michael Campbell
11) Andrew Rosenfeld
12) Sheila Lockhart
13) Wang Yue
14) Zanesville Ohio
15) Margaret Cunningham
16) Duqu
17) Danny Simpson
18) Ekaterina Zatuliveter
19) The Exactor
20) The Sense of An Ending
21) Tom Lewis
22) Wayne Barnes
23) Craig Joubert
24) Giulia
25) Craig Williams
26) Howard Camping
27) Geraldine Grace
28) Lord Sainsbury
29) Jamie Bell
30) Dan Wheldon
31) Dan Lobb
32) UB40
33) Henry Winkler
34) Lilliane Bettencourt
35) Alan Billis
36) Nicholas de Lacy Brown
37) Ellen Whitaker
38) Francois Hollande

In Other News

1) Which band this week sold out for their reunion concert ?
2) A vaccine for malaria has been developed by which company ?
3) Which organization has accused the coalition government of ignoring women ?
4) A mysterious jelly has reappeared where, for the first time in over 50 years ?
5) Where have council workmen been criticized for using old tombstones to repair a drystone wall ?
6) A new ‘Eye’ ferris wheel has opened in which resort ?
7) Which actress told Melvyn Bragg that she suffered a breakdown in her 20s ?
8) Which author said that the National Curriculum takes all of the joy out of reading ?
9) Which politician is behind the moves to change the rules governing succession to the throne ?
10) St. Pauls has been closed due to the anti capitalism protestors. This is the first time it has been closed since when ?
11) Which school has been criticized for knocking down a chapel to build science labs ?
12) Which 2 teams are contesting the baseball world series ?
13) Which country has the most 3 Michelin star restaurants now ?
14) On an Anglesey Monopoly board, newly made, where would you find Llanfair P.G. ?
15) A judge in Barnsley has banned the use of which word in the courtroom when used in a dialect context ?
16) Who told the Halle Orchestra that they can no longer claim to be the oldest orchestra in Britain any more ?
17) Last week saw the final hearing over which ‘racist’ Tintin book ?
18) Where did Lewis Hamilton become the first driver in a car other than a Red Bull to get poll position this season ?
19) Where in London do people live longest in the UK ?
20) What was announced as returning for the first time since 1992 ?
21) Patrice Evra claimed that he received racist abuse from which player ?
22) Which popular Youtube channel was hijacked with porn by hackers last week ?
23) Which Asian capital has been hit by floods ?
24) Who declared an end to their campaign of violence ?
25) Which Hollywood star was snubbed by KFC in East Grinstead ?
26) Which country invaded Iraq after clashes with Kurdish rebels ?
27) What punishment was handed out to wales’ captain Sam Warburton ?
28) Which airline left passengers sitting in their plane on the tarmac for 9 hours at Gatwick after it was rerouted, when the flight crew left the plane since it was time for them to clock off ?
29) Which seaside pier went up for sale ?
30) Which organization is under fire for its links to Amazon ( its not me ! )
31) Concerns were raised last week over health risks from which cosmetic treatment ?
32) Where is the UKs worst ambulance service ?

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