Saturday, 15 October 2011

Cleverdicks reminder

I have already posted a casting call for this new quiz show, but in case you missed it - Gareth Kingston reckons that its format will be very popular with readers of LAM. Well, that's good news, certainly. Application details are on my post Casting Call - check it out for more info.


Gruff said...

Cheers David, I missed your earlier post.

This is one show where they are looking for good quizzers and offering a cash prize. We often get one or the other but rarely both. Once the show has been broadcast future series will have a lot of people applying. So now is a good time to make an application. They need 120+ quiz league standard quizzers in a short space of time. So I would imagine that there is a good chance of getting on.

Londinius said...

You're welcome - we aim to please.

JohnQ said...

Hi David,
Do you know what's happening with Mastermind? Have the shows been recorded for broadcast next year? Or have the BBC given up completely on the show?
I very much enjoy your blog, keep up the good work.

Londinius said...

Hi JohnQ

Thanks for the kind words, and welcome to LAM.
I know people who are contenders in the next series, some of whom are LAM readers themselves, so we do know that it must be coming. When, though, I don't know. So if any reader knows the answer, could you drop us all a line ?