Saturday, 1 October 2011

In The News Questions

Here they are folks - enjoy

Who or what are the following, and why have they been in the news ?

1) Patrick Makau
2) Luca Amorosino
3) Serafin Marin
4) Winkleigh
5) Christopher McGuire
6) Albert Haines
7) S.S.Gairsoppa
8) Daniel Tidy
9) Rory Weal
10) Amos Wayne Richard
11) Wangari Maathai
12) Joe le Cava
13) Kellingley
14) Alan Graham
15) Lovehoney
16) Adam Stockton
17) John Hemming MP
18) Jane Pugh
19) Carolyn Still
20) Titus Bramble
21) Alison Beer
22) Elijah Sutherland
23) Michael Aimir Williams
24) Heavenly Palace
25) Siraj Ali
26) Maurice Tovey
27) Natalie Ayres
28) Yousef Naderkhani
29) Michael Cohen
30) Carley Storey
31) Robert Ford
32) Heidi
33) Arch West
34) Blackjack
35) HMT Lancastria
36) Hayden Smith and Jay Hanley
37) Matthew Boulton and James Watt
38) Zbigniew Lebek
39) Baroness Shackleton
40) John Stewart

In Other News

1) What is the name of the Chinese equivalent of the Nobel Peace Prize, discontinued after a year ?
2) Where in Cornwall did the RNLI themselves have to be rescued ?
3) How many national anthems did the London Philharmonic finally finish recording last week for the 2012 Olympics ?
4) Governor Rick Perry of Texas suffered a serious setback to his run for the Republican nomination last week, when he did badly in the straw poll in which state ?
5) Pets in Blue Peter are being sidelined in favour of what ?
6) In a poll what was voted the greatest ever TV interview ?
7) Inmates in the Parc Prison in Bridgend have complained that what is an infringement of their human rights ?
8) Which famous album cover was recreated last week ?
9) The Labour Party Conference was held in which city ?
10) Which 89 year old TV producer and writer passed away last week ?
11) In an FA Youth Cup tie at Newport County, a referee sent off 6 members of which club ?
12) The ITV Exposure on Gaddaffi and the IRA made which booboo last week ?
13) Teacher Rosalyn Holloway was struck off for 4 years last week for threatening pupils with what ?
14) Last week Philip Glenister caused consternation when he claimed that he created which catchphrase ?
15) In which city did new Underground bullet trains crash last week ?
16) The Boeing 787 Dreamliner launched last week has which revolutionary construction method ?
17) Julie Lee Delisle officially owns what in West Wittering, Sussex ?
18) Parts of Lancashire and Cumbria are to be added to what ?
19) What is the nickname of the rugby stadium in Wellington which has hosted many RWC matches ?
20) Which is thus far the best selling book in the UK, far outstripping the next highest sellers ? ( It isn’t The Quiz Show Quiz Book. According to Amazon this had not sold a single copy on Kindle yet, although I have sold one through the web store – thank you very much you kind, kind soul. )
21) Who has become the oldest living performer ever to have a number one album in the US ?
22) Which song did Ed Milliband say sums up his whole philosophy ?
23) Where did a beached Skei whale die, some 800 metres from the water ?
24) Which council caused headlines in the recent heatwave by preparing its gritters ?
25) Rio Ferdinand lost a landmark privacy case against which newspaper ?
26) Whose diary was left at Glasgow Concert Hall on Sunday ?
27) Who will never play for Man City again – according to his manager ?
28) Which is Europe’s top city for travel without a car ?
29) What is the name of the new Amazon tablet ( on which you can definitely get The Quiz Show Quiz Book !) ?
30) Which local council was in the news last week for fining loud rag and bone men ?
31) The speed camera on Rhwbina Hill in Cardiff made the news last week, with the number of vehicles it has caught over the last 12 months. How many exactly ?
32) What sort of vending machines have been barred in England ?
33) How much must shops charge for carrier bags in Wales now ?
34) The town of Royston announced its desire to be twinned with which city ?
35) Goths have been banned from the churchyard in which town ?
36) Ecstasy is to be trialed as a treatment for what in the UK ?
37) OFCOM upheld complaints about singers’ skimpy outfits and suggestive moves on which TV show ?
38) Which company announced their intention to use high pitched noise only dogs can hear in their dogfood adverts in Austria ?

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