Sunday, 2 October 2011

Quick Post - Cryptic Question

I've been putting together the quiz for the rugby club for this Thursday evening. You've maybe experienced this yourself, sometimes you try to settle to a piece of work, or something you need to give a lot of thought to, and for some reason your mind insists upon straying to everything and anything apart from the thing you're trying to focus on. So I've come up with a cryptic, RBQ type question on the spur of the moment - and its exactly the sort of thing that there is no way that I could possibly use down the club. They just wouldn't like it. Still, you never know, its the kind of thing that you might well enjoy, and so I thought I'd share it with you before it goes out of my mind completely : -

What do :- a martyred Northumbrian king who might have mended crockery, the airplane that fatally crippled the Bismarck, a Beethoven piano concerto, and a fashionable fellow of the 18th century have to do with the man who struck down Houdini ?

I'll give you the answer in a day or two, but if you can't wait, then usual applies - email me and then I'll get right back to you.

(BTW - Amazon is now registering one sale of The Quiz Show Quiz Book. Thank you kind sir or madam - I don't care if it is a sympathy purchase, I'll take all I can get. )

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