Saturday, 1 October 2011

Answers to News Questions

Who or what are the following, and why are they in the news ?

1) Raymond Jacob
2) Joseph Williams
3) Michael Winner
4) Stephen Meakin
5) Tennare Ramesh
6) Lisa Bradley
7) Rital and Ritag Gaboua
8) Earl Henry
9) Gazanging
10) Alexander Lebedev
11) Tim Farron
12) Vincent Cooke
13) Natalie Ayres
14) Ryan Donovan
15) Lin Cheung
16) Thomas Waldron
17) Portrait of the Hound
18) Vivek Baliga
19) Michael Sata
20) Luke Matthews, Johnno Jonson, Hannah Palmer, Damian McQueen
21) Eddie Shah
22) Bruce Scott and Lesley Norris
23) Helen Vincent
24) New McCowans
25) Richard Madeley
26) Greenlands Labour Club Preston
27) Valentina Matviyinko
28) Israel Dagg
29) Hicks and Healey
30) Lord West of Spithead
31) Ocean’s Kingdom
32) Death Comes to Pemberley
33) Bill Oddie
34) Timothy Bradley
35) Andy Newman – Kerri Cooper
36) Michael Flaherty
37) Stewart Mungall
38) Victoria Jones
39) Martin Luther
40) Owen Hargreaves

In Other News –

1) Australian style schooner glasses are to be introduce to British pubs. How much beer do they hold ?
2) What did a guest in the Bath Central Travelodge find in her room ?
3) Stuart Manley and Mark Coop are engaged in a fight over which trademark ?
4) A survey shows that women derive most shopping pleasure from buying which item ?
5) How many pupils currently attend the Glyn school in Brynamman, near Neath ?
6) Who will captain England for the T20 series against the West Indies ?
7) What is the venue for the Solheim Cup ?
8) Which is the most popular song on MP3 players in the UK ?
9) Name the US satellite which fell to earth recently ?
10) The boxing federation of which country has been accused of bribing Olympic officials ?
11) How many people on average have been caught by the speed camera on Rhwbina Hill in Cardiff ?
12) Whose war diary is going on sale for the first time ?
13) Which council have banned loud rag and bone men ?
14) What have been banned in Harewood Junior School in Gloucester ?
15) Which company apologized for its links with the 3rd Reich ?
16) A large gas field has been found outside which UK resort ?
17) Whose autobiography appeared last week despite his own attempts to suppress it ?
18) Who are bidding for statehood currently at the UN ?
19) Name the british rider who won a silver medal in the time trial event in the world road cycling championships
20) Which country have Britain drawn for their next match in the Davis Cup ?
21) Which band announced that they are to split after 31 years ?
22) What is the UKs slogan for 2012 ?
23) It was announced finally that compensation will be paid for what ?
24) What will not appear this Christmas ?
25) Scotland Yard dropped its court case against which newspaper ?
26) What does Southwark Council plan to call the Guy Fawkes night celebrations ?
27) The new portrait of the Queen by Darren Blake has been commissioned to commemorate the 90th anniversary of what ?
28) The Bishop of Bradford says the teaching of what in Britain is deplorable ?
29) Max Moseley is currently pursuing a court case against the News of the World in which country
30) Which TV presenter is currently suing over a property venture ?
31) Which London attraction will reopen in Easter 2012 ?
32) Who was accused of landing illegal blows to win his world boxing championship match against Victor Ortez ?
33) Who was the captain of the victorious Britain and Ireland team in the Solheim Cup ?
34) Which county won the CB40 final ?
35) Which two countries will contest the Davis Cup Final
36) Which company have been criticized for their adverts and idents during the new series of Downton Abbey ?
37) Scottish rugby fans have been banned from using what at world cup matches ?
38) Kate Winslet won an Emmy for her role in what ?
39) Australian foreign minister Kevin Rudd found customs officials trying to stop him bringin what into the US ?
40) Lu Lin launched which shape of teabags ?
41) Who called for an end to the teaching of creationism in Science classes ?
42) What was the christian name of Ginger McCain, who died aged 80 ?
43) The new Times Atlas of the World was critics for making which claim ?
44) What type of fruit has overtaken apples as the UKs favourite ?

Who are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1) He was stabbed to death during a house robbery in Bramhall
2) He robbed 11 betting shops while he was on day release
3) He married Geraldine Lynton – Edwards
4) He called 999 to hand himself in
5) He tried to use Google Earth to prove he had not been speeding, but it was shown that it was inaccurate
6) She tracked down the teenager who had stolen her husband’s bike through an energy drink can he had discarded
7) The Sudanese conjoined twins successfully separated
8) Wolves player subject of an outburst by Joey Barton
9) The practice of house sellers taking the house off the market at the last moment
10) Russian businessman with british interests who attacked another guest on a Russian chat show
11) Lib Dem President who warned their conference that the coalition could split
12) The homeowner in the Bramhall stabbing incident
13) Microsoft female executive given £1 million payout for sexism
14) Seaman who murdered superior on HMS Astute
15) He designed the medals for the 2012 Paralympics
16) Number 8 who has flown to New Zealand on standby to possibly replace Nick Easter
17) Last painting by Lucien Freud which is to go on display in the National Portrait Gallery
18) Cardiologist facing possibility of being struck off for filming colleagues in the shower
19) The new president of Zambia – one of his former jobs was railway porter at Victoria Station
20) They face charges connected with the M1 fire
21) Former newspaper proprietor facing charges of a sexual offence
22) Pair lost in the Amazon rainforest who arranged rescue by calling home to Eastbourne on the mobile
23) First ever female to join the Lincoln Cathedral Choir
24) Makers of Highland Toffee who have gone bust
25) Posted a rant on twitter over Boots refusing to sell more than one packet of painkillers at a time
26) Club which filmed children cagefighting
27) 1st woman to be Speaker of the Duma – the Russian parliament
28) He scored the first try of the Rugby World Cup, for New Zealand v. Tonga
29) Makers of the first Cornish whiskey for 300 years
30) Former first Sea Lord who described Belgium and Denmark as second rate countries
31) Ballet for which Sir Paul McCartney composed the music
32) PD James murder novel set in the world of Pride and Prejudice
33) He attacked Fortnum and Masons for selling Foie Gras
34) American jailed for being drunk and abusive on a plane
35) Couple who were caught having sex on the field of the 3 Bridges cricket club in Crawley
36) At his inquest the coroner ruled that he had died of spontaneous combustion
37) Actor from original Yorkie advert, spared jail after ‘mercy killing’ of his wife
38) Struck off GTC for 2 years for stealing baby photos from Facebook in order to con her ex that she had had his child
39) He was praised for his passion by the Pope on his visit to Germany
40) He claimed that Man Utd. Medical staff had given him the wrong treatment.

In Other news

1) 2/3 of a pint
2) A pigeon’s nest
3) Keep Calm and Carry ON
4) Handbags
5) 2 pupils
6) Graeme Swann
7) Killeen Castle
8) Bohemian Rhapsody ( 2 – Bad Romance – 3 – Billie Jean )
9) Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite
10) Azerbaijan
11) 1
12) SAS
13) Stafford
14) Leather Footballs
15) Hugo Boss
16) Blackpool
17) Julian Assange
18) Palestinians
19) Bradley Wiggins
20) Slovakia
21) REM
22) GREAT Britain – You’re invited
23) Victims of Bloody Sunday
24) The Blue Peter Annual ( sob )
25) The Guardian
26) The Colour Thief
27) Royal British Legion
28) Foreign Languages
29) France
30) Noel Edmonds
31) Cutty Sark
32) Floyd Mayweather
33) Paul McGinlay
34) Surrey bt. Somerset
35) Spain (bt France ) Argentina ( bt Serbia )
36) Aviva
37) Bagpipes
38) Midred Pierce
39) Vegemite
40) Cubes
41) David Attenborough
42) Donald
43) Saying that the ice in Greenland has receded much further than it really has
44) Berries

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