Saturday, 22 October 2011

Answers to News Questions

Who or what are the following, and why have they been in the news ?

1) Jessie J
2) Michael Boyd
3) Justine Greening
4) Philip Hammond
5) Jake Preston
6) PC Myles Hughes
7) Jan Moulton
8) Kevin Flynn
9) Winson Green
10) Paul Merson
11) Estonia
12) S.S.Mantola
13) Yulia Tymoshenko
14) Gilad Shalit
15) Jeremy Heywood
16) Sir Gus O’Donnell
17) Rob Sloan
18) Harvey Boulter
19) Montecristo
20) Umar Farouq Abdulmutallab
21) The Literature Prize
22) Emily John
23) Katie Price
24) Javier Bardem
25) Lord Hunt of Wirral
26) Georgia Forteath
27) Jingme Wangchuck
28) Bedd Morris Stone
29) Kamini Patel
30) Muhammed Imran
31) Wilberforce
32) Jill Pay

In other news : -

1) Andy Murray beat Rafael Nadal in the final of which event ?
2) Which world leader survived a vote of no confidence ?
3) - and which didn’t pay his bar bill ?
4) Where was a miner rescued from a mine in the Neath Valley ?
5) Who blamed the younger generations lack of respect n the decline of Sunday schools ?
6) It has been claimed last week that which war hero was killed in an incident of friendly fire ?
7) Which phone company were silenced through a technical glitch mid week ?
8) Who claimed that Twitter and Facebook et al are ‘ hives of malignity ‘ ?
9) Opinions differed last week as to the safety of chimneys – where ?
10) Which cabinet colleague was caught out trying to smear Theresa May and Phil Hammond ?
11) Where did Sir Paul McCartney’s 3rd marriage take place ?
12) Who was the first ‘celebrity’ kicked out of Strictly Come Dancing ?
13) What is the faith of Republican contender Mitt Romney ?
14) Which is the first University college to drop the traditional degree classifications in favour of US style grade point averages ?
15) Which London landmark was revealed to be tilting last week ?
16) Which is rated the world’s top university ?
17) Which US State has banned under 18s from tanning booths ?
18) Nigel Ely , ex SAS soldier , is auctioning which unusual item from the Gulf War for charity ?
19) What unusual scoring method is used in the Telford Football League ?
20) What will be on the tails side of the new Diamond Jubilee £5 coin ?
21) Which team ended Scotland’s hopes of reaching the Euro play offs ?
22) Which former cricketer is suing lawyers over compensation for a property deal ?
23) A new factory to manufacture wings for the Airbus has opened where ?
24) Veronica Connolly had to be ordered to pay her license fee, after she refused because of which programme ?
25) In which country are the world Scrabble championships being held ?
26) Which flag flew above 10 Downing Street on 15th October ?
27) Who were embarrassingly forced to pull out of a deal to produce a Satnav ?
28) 9 jockeys including AP McCoy were banned under new rules governing use of the whip in which racecourse ?
29) Bombs were exploded in the City of Culture for 2013 – which city ?
30) By mistake, what did Tesco end up selling for a very cheap 29p ?
31) Porthmadog Council are boycotting the opening of the A487 Bypass – why ?
32) Who has been criticised for chucking official papers in a public bin ?
33) Which Iranian broadcaster have been banned from British airwaves ?
34) Who will be chairing the review into the England RU world cup campaign ?
35) Name the Wales captain very harshly sent off during the Wales v. France world cup semi final

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1) The Best UK act at the MOBO awards
2) He resigned as artistic director of the RSC
3) New Transport Secretary
4) New Defence Secretary
5) Benefit cheat caught when photographed winning an event in the British Motocross championships
6) Jailed for lying under oath to avoid a driving ban
7) Tycoon who bankrolled Liam Fox’s friend, leading to his resignation
8) Hoax caller who told police that his wife had a bomb on a plane
9) Prison whose long term inmates have now been allowed to wear their own clothes
10) Sky TV football pundit arrested for drink driving
11) Team Ireland have drawn to play in Euro play offs
12) A 2nd world war II shipwreck discovered with a cargo of silver
13) Former PM of Ukraine jailed for 7 years
14) Israeli soldier exchanged for 200 Palestinian prisoners
15) The next Cabinet secretary
16) The retiring Cabinet secretary
17) Stripped of his bronze medal for the Kielder Marathon after admitting getting the bus at the 20 km mark
18) Venture capitalist at the heart of the Liam Fox row
19) Italian cargo ship taken by Somali pirates , then stormed by Royal Marines
20) The ‘underpants bomber’ in court in Detroit
21) New rival to the Booker Prize
22) She was ordered to stop discreetly breastfeeding in Debenhams
23) She gave the shortest speech on record to the Oxford Union
24) Has been announced to play the villain in the next James Bond film
25) New chairman of the Press Complaints Commission
26) Convicted of fraud for 2 wills
27) King of Bhutan who married last week
28) The ancient standing stone was knocked over by a reversing driver
29) Offered police £200 bribes to do computer checks on daughter
30) Tried for bringing 8 live pigeons into the UK in luggage
31) Westminster dog of the Year
32) The House of Commons Serjeant at Arms who has quit

In Other News

1) The Japan Open
2) Silvio Berlusconi
3) Nicola Sarkozy
4) Unity Mine near Cwmgwrach
5) Dame Joan Bakewell
6) Guy Gibson
7) Blackberry
8) Derren Brown
9) Battersea Power Station
10) Chris Huhne
11) Marylebone Register Office
12) Edwina Currie
13) Mormon
14) University College , London
15) Big Ben
16) Cal Tech – University of California Institute of Technology
17) California
18) A buttock from the statue of Saddam Hussein pulled down in Baghdad
19) They report all wins as 1-0 to avoid embarrassment to losing teams
20) The Queen’s head from the 1953 coin portrait
21) Spain
22) Geoffrey Boycott
23) Flint
24) BBC2’s screening of Jerry Springer – the Opera
25) Poland
26) The Welsh Flag
27) Top Gear
28) Wetherby
29) Londonderry
30) Terry’s Chocolate Orange
31) The Invitation was only in English – not bilingual
32) Oliver Letwin
33) Press TV
34) Fran Cotton

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