Saturday, 29 October 2011

The return of Mastermind

Yes, in this week's Weaver's Week it gave us the welcome news that Mastermind returns on Friday.

Well, bang goes my theory . I did speculate that maybe the new series of Mastermind was being held back until the new year, which would enable them to show the whole series in a calendar year.According to the website,
“Topics in this first heat are the life of Robert Bruce Lockhart, human parasites, the siege of Malta and the life and work of AC Swinburne.”
Human parasites – does that mean parasites which live off humans, or humans which are parasites like – oops, nearly slipped one in there. I’m looking forward to the series – I know of at least two of this year’s contenders, and I’m hoping they’ll both do really well.

Par for the course, BBC Wales aren't showing it on Friday. That's just one thing that makes the iplayer a godsend.

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