Saturday, 8 October 2011

News Questions

Who or what are the following, and why have they been in the news ?

1) Karen Murphy
2) Towakul Kurma, Leymah Gowee, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
3) Josef Martin
4) Boris Berezovsky
5) Adam Werrity
6) Jo Wheatley
7) Tomas Tranströmer
8) Malcolm White
9) The Hands and Flowers
10) Ranzo Avila
11) Bill Smith
12) Skyfall
13) John Stewart
14) Daniel Schectman
15) Sean Iceton
16) Charlie Gilmour
17) Mohammed Asif – Salman Butt
18) Robert Moore
19) Annabel Newton
20) Janine Owen
21) Morag Keil
22) Yacoub Osman
23) Jonathan Djanogly
24) Raffaele Solecito
25) Andrasch Stark
26) Marie Dedieu
27) Nicola Bentley- Lovell
28) Ralph Steinman
29) Margaret Amao
30) Beatrice Dalton
31) Giuliano Mignini
32) Robert Barker
33) Jessica Palmer
34) Steven Regan
35) Dealchecker
36) John Cauldwell
37) Damian Fowkes

In other news : -

1) In which city was the Amanda Know appeal heard ?
2) Which supermarket are now selling multicolored carrots ?
3) What were revealed as the top food cities in a) Europe – b) UK ?
4) Where has Rodin’s “The Kiss “ gone on temporary display ?
5) What is the designation of the new iphone ?
6) Which pacific island nation is undergoing a fresh water emergency ?
7) A couple from which country have claimed to be the german forest boy’s grandparents ?
8) Prince Harry has begun training where ?
9) Who had to apologise to Jonathan Wilkes for calling him a ‘retard’ on air ?
10) What was found in the River Thames in London ?
11) Which newspaper celebrated its 25th anniversary ?
12) Who criticized muslim schools for valuing the Koran over science ?
13) 9 cases of Legionnaires Disease have developed in people who have recently visited which island ?
14) Name the credit ratings agency that has downgraded the credit rating of 12 English banks ?
15) In a survey, which book topped the poll of books that Britons claim to have read, but haven’t ?
16) How much money is the Bank of England printing for quantative easing ?
17) A nest of which poisonous creatures had been found in Bletchley ?
18) Which 1981 Ashes hero passed away suddenly ?
19) The RNLI in Tynemouth were called out after what was mistaken for a distress flare ?
20) Who announced that she will not stand for the presidency of the USA ?
21) Which actor was arrested for failing to take a breath test ?
22) How much will the Aakash – India’s new computer tablet – cost ?
23) Aberystwyth Council have voted to include which flag among a display of flags of the nations ?
24) Why was the King’s Fee JD Wetherspoons pub in Hereford criticized last week ?
25) How old was Steve Jobs, who passed away last week ?
26) Which architect won the Stirling Prize for the second year in a row ?
27) Where in England was the new record set for a day’s temperature in October ?
28) The BBC has been criticized for news reporters being continuously shown wearing which conspicuously branded coat ?
29) Who is heading the inquiry into phone hacking ?
30) Who resigned as manager of Nottingham Forest ?
31) Which Republican presidential hopeful was criticized for the offensive former name of his hunting lodge ?
32) Why was Thomas the Tank Engine criticised last week ?
33) Ofcom announced that they will be taking no action about whose controversial Newsnight appearance ?
34) In which city did the Tory Party conference take place ?
35) Who walked out of a show in St. Helens because there was no carpet in his dressing room ?
36) Who said that Strictly Come Dancing is a celebrity Job Centre ?
37) Where was a controversial bus lane scrapped ?
38) How many notches was Italy’s credit rating downgraded ?
39) Oxford Brookes have created a new bicycle made from what ?
40) In the USA, which TV show is set to end unless the cast agree to a 45% pay cut ?
41) Who was refused a visa by South Africa, so that he could not visit Desmond Tutu’ birthday celebrations ?
42) Which Olympic gold medallist was one of a pair who had to abandon an attempt on the cycling tandem record from Land’s End to John O’Groats ?

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