Friday, 21 October 2011

Cryptic Questions

Right - firstly heres the answer to the last one -

Where does Anthony Gormley’s geographical icon come before Cameroon’s national football team, the second sign of the Zodiac, and two thirds of an albatross – what do they all possess, and how does the second come first ?

Answer -
Anthony Gormley’s most famous work is the ANGEL of the North. The nickname of Cameroon’s football team is The Indomitable LIONS. Taurus, the BULL is the second sign of the zodiac. An albatross is three shots under par for a hole in golf, and an EAGLE is two shots under, or two thirds, Confusingly in the USA an albatross is actually called a double eagle ! The Angel , the Lion, the Bull and the Eagle are the symbols of the four gospel writers, so the answer is the New Testament. They are all depicted with WINGS. Although second in the list, it is generally thought that the Gospel of St. Mark is actually the oldest, and therefore first.

OK - here's the next one - again, I don't think you'll have too much trouble with it : -
Where did a man who wouldn’t interrupt a clarinet gig to collect his Oscar, the second man to take one small step, the place where Tolkein had Farmer Giles, and David’s father all meet ? Who was the last of the group to join them ?


HughTube said...

Wasn't it a clarinet gig that wasn't interrupted?

Londinius said...

OOPs - cheers Hugh - of course you're right. I must have been thinking of Bill clinton , or someone like that !

Sorry ! - I've changed it now