Tuesday, 25 October 2011

New blog - QuizQuizQuiz

I had an email from Jack Waley-Cohen (Only Connect 1 - UC- The Professionals (I think ) )
"We've just (last week) launched the QuizQuizQuiz blog (http://qqq.vc/blg). Of course we are a commercial operation, but the purpose of the blog is to entertain and amuse and gently muse for our readers. The first few posts should give you an idea of the flavour that we are intending to achieve."

Well, it would be hypocritical of me to say anything about anybody else's commercial operations since I've been desperately hawking my books on this very blog for the last few weeks. QuizQuizQuiz are a commercial outfit who organise quiz evenings, write questions etc. Well, lets not lie about it - lots of us would do it if we could make a living out of it, I'm sure.

I've had a look , and there's nothing on the blog to worry about - nobody is asking you to sign up for anything, or give any personal details.
Basically it does what it says on the tin - I quote from the first post : -

" You can look forward to our thoughts about quiz nights, quiz questions, quiz master tips, pub quizzes, celebrity encounters and much much more (we’ve got several months’ worth of blog ideas already stacked up)."

Nothing wrong with that - and definitely the kind of thing that I think LAM regulars might be interested in. I hope that the guys have as much pleaasure from their blog as I get from LAM.

The link is here : -
QuizQuizQuiz blog
- and its also in my recommended links.

Any chance of a reciprocal link guys ? (Hint hint )


cwj said...

Thanks David. I was not, alas, on UC Professionals. We applied for series 1 (in the day when I was a "banker") but didn't get on, probably because we weren't good enough, but possibly because series 1 of UC Professionals had rather a lot of "celebrity" teams.

Hint about reciprocal link taken, and will be forthcoming soon enough!


Londinius said...

Cheers Jack - sorry about the UC thing - I must have known that you applied - either that or I just dreamed it.