Saturday, 26 November 2011

This Week's News Questions

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1) Father Gabriele Amorth
2) Arcadia
3) Jamie Dale
4) Sheffield Odeon
5) HMP Kirkham
6) Angie Sowton
7) Carl Anthony Mason
8) Andrew Paterson
9) Andre Lake
10) Lord Chadlington
11) Busilex and Velcade
12) Benton
13) Squeezed Middle
14) Liz Douglas
15) Det Constable Stephen Hopkins
16) Leon Reid
17) Shipbourne
18) Keith Greaves
19) Barry Bannon
20) Leanne Harris
21) Denzel Cassius Hervy
22) Shelagh Delaney
23) Stuart Lancaster
24) Mr. Justice Bean
25) Paul Mealor
26) Andrew Kelly
27) Mariano Rajoy
28) Jose Pimental
29) HMS Westminster

In Other News

1) Which band will record the soundtrack to the BBC 2012 Olympic coverage ?
2) Which country’s branch of the Fair Trade movement have been criticized for relaxing rules governing what counts as fair trade ?
3) It has been announced that the 2013 Tour de France will start where for the first time ?
4) The European Commission have presented the UK with a £20 million fine for importing what?
5) Who said last week that rows on the X Factor are scripted ?
6) The BBC apologized for a controversial report on Dale Farm screened on which programme?
7) Who was named Britain’s greatest living treasure in a survey ?
8) Curry’s last week wrongly advertised a Samsung laptop at which price ?
9) Who opened a store in the Champs Elysee last week ?
10) Name the leader of Yemen who has finally agreed to step down ?
11) Which title has finally been conferred officially on the Duke of Edinburgh ?
12) Which children’s TV show is to receive a special BAFTA ?
13) What has the town of Staines now added to its name ?
14) What was unusual about the appearance of King Juan Carlos of Spain last week ?
15) Which tour firm saw its share price collapse when it anbnounced a plan to restructure its debts ?
16) Which claim about water does the EU actually allow bottlers to put on water now ?
17) IN the new remake of the Sweeney – which car will the main protagonists drive ?
18) St. Andrews University Conservative Association have been widely criticized for burning whose effigy ?
19) IN the remake of the Sweeney , which two actors play the main parts ?
20) Man City were defeated by which team in the Champions’ League this week ?
21) This week saw a state visit to the UK by the leader of which country ?
22) A Tennessee plan to tax which product was defeated last week ?
23) Who said that he has lost his wife to Alzheimers, and he has to build a new life for himself ?
24) What was the result of the Reggae Reggae Sauce hearing ?
25) Staff have been given plastic whistles to use in emergencies in which hospital ?
26) A BBC documentary will claim that Hitler spent Christmas 1912 where ?
27) What upset shoppers in the Curry’s store in New Malden ?
28) Name the England rugby player who has threatened to sue over allegations from a New Zealand Hotel worker ?
29) Which company opened their first store in Britain since the last one closed in 1915 ?
30) Grafitti by whom was discovered in a flat in London last week ?
31) Which store is selling red Brussels sprouts ?
32) Who defended his own comment last week that some types of rape were not serious ?
33) Who said that the Antiques Roadshow makes him cry ?
34) Parents have been warned not to give too much what to children ?
35) Which singer, musician and songwriter was diagnosed with liver cancer ?
36) What is the venue for the ATP tour finals ?
37) What was unusual about the London Evening Standard Theatre Awards Best Actor Award last week ?
38) Which tradition has been ended by the Supreme Court ?
39) Who defeated both Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic last week ?
40) Which singer has been reported as suffering from a serious case of pneumonia ?
41) Who won the 2011 Emmy for Best International Actress ?
42) Who has released his first new song since 2004 ?

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