Saturday, 5 November 2011

Answers to In The News Questions

Who or what are the following, and why have they been in the news ?

1) Phil Vickery
2) Joanna Lumley
3) Phillip Pullman
4) Sophia Brownlee
5) Graham Quinn
6) Minty Challis
7) B 53
8) Leap Pad
9) Alexandra Hall
10) Anonymous
11) Tony Woodcick
12) Aaron Jones
13) Marco Simoncelli
14) Azra Karaduman
15) Ennahda
16) Giacobini Zinner
17) Mr. Justice Field
18) John Watkyn – James
19) Lisa Tchenguiz
20) Gareth Andrews
21) Mark Stenton
22) P.P.Job
23) Michael D. Higgins
24) Peter Watt
25) Johnny Hallyday
26) Hollister
27) Goodleigh Giant
28) Rod Tinson
29) Dr. Giles Fraser
30) Hannah Cant
31) Darren Webster
32) Robert Black

In Other News

1) Which England rugby international has signed for Ricoh Black Rams in Japan ?
2) Who will direct the new James Bond film ?
3) Where has Russia planned to build a new ice city ?
4) Which company are building their own town in Lulea, Sweden, to house their servers ?
5) Which Italian region has been hit by floods ?
6) 30 £1000 artistic traffic bollards have been installed, to some criticism, in which South Wales town ?
7) Rag and bone men have been banned from using megaphones in which English city ?
8) In the next week, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be working in a charity depot in which country ?
9) How much VAT did Vince Cable fail to pay ? ( since paid in full )
10) Who called his football club’s fans ‘idiots’ ?
11) Which 37 year old former rugby union and rugby league international captain has finally quit ?
12) Which trophy was won by Luke Donald for winning the USPGA money list ?
13) Who has been named as Britain’s favourite composer ?
14) Who was the third person to be voted out of Strictly Come Dancing ?
15) Which X Factor Competitor has been accused of bullying others ?
16) Which team beat which other team in last week’s NFL game at Wembley ?
17) In which country has the Lynx advert with the falling angels been banned ?
18) The president of which country has called for the global legalization of cannabis ?
19) Which town was closest to the centre of the earthquake in Turkey ?
20) Who has been announced to play the villain in the next James Bond film ?
21) What unusual safety measure has been taken by the Richmond Housing Partnership
22) Which police force has been criticized for its boring internet live feed ?
23) Which bishop has criticized clergy in St. Paul’s for the way that they have dealt with the protestors ?
24) Why have an RNLI crew at Sandbanks near Poole in Dorset been criticized ?
25) Which cost saving measure has been adopted during the Blackpool illuminations ?
26) Which clothes range are going on sale in Selfridges ?
27) A mint where has made the world’s largest gold coin ?
28) With the changes on the law to succession to throne, how many places up the list has the Princess Royal moved ?
29) Whose log book was announced as coming up for auction last week ?
30) Last week saw a gala concert celebrating the £500 million refit of which theatre ?


Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1) He won Celebrity Masterchef
2) She told Melvyn Bragg that she suffered a breakdown when she was in her 20s
3) Author who has criticized National Curriculum for taking all the joy out of reading
4) Little girl who has become an internet sensation after Justin Beiber tweeted saying that he thought she was great when he saw her on Youtube
5) He married Myleene Klass
6) Dale Farm protestor with the crucifix
7) USA’s biggest, oldest, most powerful nuclear bomb finally demolished last week.
8) Touted as the must have kids toy for Christmas this year
9) Ex wife of Jeremy Clarkson against whom he took out the super injunction earlier this year
10) The controversial Shakespeare was a hoax – movie
11) He scored New Zealand’s try in the world cup final
12) His photo was used in a prospectus for South Downs college after they rejected his application for a course
13) Italian Moto GP rider killed in an accident in Malaysia
14) Baby pulled from wreckage of Turkish earthquake 48 hours later
15) Victorious islamist party in the Tunisian elections
16) Comet whose dust cloud the Earth passed through.
17) The judge in the Vincent Tabak – Jo Yeates case
18) Suspended sentence for causing a train accident by parking his tractor on the railway line in Kidwelly
19) She is suing her husband for the highest ever divorce settlement in Britain - £100 million
20) Admitted clamping two unmarked police cars protecting the Queen during a visit to Portsmouth
21) Superhead teacher who had an affair with a coworker, and kicked her door down after she ended it
22) Indian evangelist who falsely claimed raising hundreds of orphans of murdered Nepalese Christians
23) Elected the new president of the Republic of Ireland
24) Permanently banned from teaching for kissing pupils
25) French singer playing his first ever concerts in UK after a very long career
26) US fashion chain criticized for its dark and gloomy stores
27) Huge stag shot by poachers
28) A playwright commissioned to write a presentation about Pendennis Castle for English Heritage, then told he could not mention Nazis or jews in the section on World War II
29) He resigned as Canon Chancellor of St. Paul’s Cathedral over legal moves to evict protestors
30) Rape victim told by Eamonn Holmes “I hope you take taxis now”
31) Metal detectorist who found a large Viking silver hoard in Cumbria
32) Convicted of murder of a young girl in Northern Ireland in 1981

In Other News

1) James Haskell
2) Sam Mendes
3) Umka
4) Facebook
5) Liguria
6) Barry
7) Coventry
8) Denmark
9) £25,000
10) Mick McCarthy
11) Gareth Thomas
12) Arnold Palmer Trophy
13) J.S.Bach
14) Rory Bremner
15) Misha B
16) Chicago Bears bt. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
17) South Africa
18) Colombia
19) Ercis
20) Javier Bardem
21) Removing fire extinguishers from properties
22) Sussex
23) Alan Wilson, Bishop of Buckingham
24) While wearing RNLI gear they made an offensive youtube video impersonating Hitler, simulating sex etc.
25) On weekdays the lights are switched off at 10:30 pm – 90 minutes earlier than usual
26) Primark
27) Perth Mint
28) 6 places – she goes up from 10th to 4th
29) Douglas Bader
30) The Bolshoi Theatre

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