Saturday, 5 November 2011

Cryptic Question - Answer

What links the man who beat Foster and Jackson, The Garter, the Bath and the Thistle, the gang of the man who never did audition for the Monkees and the original edition of Trivial Pursuit, and how do the Spitfires help you organize them correctly ?

OK - Roger KINGDOM won gold medals in the 110 metres hurdles in the 1984 Olympics - beating Greg Foster who took silver , and in the 1988 Olympics, beating Colin Jackson who took silver. The Garter, The Bath and the Thistle are British ORDERs of Chilvalry. Charles Manson never did audition to be in The Monkees, despite a persistent urban myth that he did - his murderous gang was his FAMILY. The original edition of Trivial pursuit was the GENUS edition. These all belong iin the classification system of living organisms. Now, the Spitfires is the nickname of KENT's one day circket team. The mnemonic for the system of classification is - Kent Play Cricket On Fridays - Girls Spectate ( KIngdom - Phyllum - Order - Class - Family - Genus - Species )

Right - this week's question : -
An expression of admiration or congratulations : a car for the mountains: a disappearing nymph. What would you want to protect from these three if you put them all together ?


Ian said...

Got the initial conncetions, but failed with the Kent Spitfires bit.
Due I suppose to using a different mnemonic:

King Phillip Could Only Find Green Socks

There's probably others out there too!

Londinius said...

Hi Ian

Yes, I'm sure that you're right. Never mind, you had the important bit !


Dave C

Andrew B. said...

I also got the connections but not the mnemonic, as the one I know is "Some Girls From Oklahoma Cuddle Prior to Kissing".

Unknown said...

And I use 'King Philip Came Over For Great Soup'!