Saturday, 12 November 2011

Cryptic Question

Last week's question was : -

An expression of admiration or congratulations : a car for the mountains: a disappearing nymph. What would you want to protect from these three if you put them all together ?

BRAVO is an expression of admiration or congratulations : SIERRA is a word for Mountain ranges - its also a ford from the 80s : ECHO was the nymph who pined away to a voice. They are all callsigns in the phonetic alphabet. BSE is short for Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy - colloquially called Mad Cow Disease. You'd definitely want to protect cattle from this.

This week's question is this : -

A tombstone dentist: a man made oriental valley: Ichabod’s home. How many are missing, and which of the missing would not upset a pogonophobe ?


xxxzzz said...

A pedant wishes to point out that BSE is Bovine Spongiform EncephalOPATHY.

Londinius said...

Hello Teflon
We don't mind pedants here - reverse pedants on the other hand . . . ! I bow to your superior knowledge and I'll change it now.


Bodhi tree said...

Sierra was a GMC sports utility vehicle.