Saturday, 19 November 2011

Cryptic Question

OK – last week’s cryptic was : -

A tombstone dentist: a man made oriental valley: Ichabod’s home. How many are missing, and which of the missing would not upset a pogonophobe ?

DOC Holliday was the dentist who was in the Gunfight at the OK Corral, in Tombstone Arizona : HAPPY Valley is a famous racecourse in HongKong : Ichabod Crane was the teacher who fell afoul of the Headless Horseman in the Legend of SLEEPY Hollow. These are 3 of the SEVEN DWARVES. 4 are missing. A pogonophobe is afraid of beards, and so the only one he wouldn’t find upsetting would be the beardless DOPEY.

Here’s this week’s : -
A Joplin rag: an inventive Russian soldier: an American Albatross: the Sun of May: The crux of astronomy. Where are they all, and which 3 appear more than once ?

Answer next week


Baldassaro said...

I think they're on flags. The Scott Joplin is the Maple Leaf Rag. The Sol de Mayo is on the Argentine and Uruguayan flags, which presumably is one of the "more than once" ones. Crux Australis or the Southern Cross appears on several flags too, including Australia and New Zealand. Don't know about the others.

Londinius said...

Hi Baldassaro

Sorry I didn't reply before. You're spot on with everything you say - and the full explanation has been posted now.