Saturday, 26 November 2011

Answers to News Questions

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news ?
1) Gary Dobson and David Norris
2) Lord Gould
3) Jerry Sandusky
4) Daniel Majstorovic
5) Frankel
6) Odd Man Out
7) James Howson
8) Nick Hewer
9) Rik Makarem
10) Jim Keefe
11) Aaron Allard Morgan
12) Robert Peston
13) Jason Gardiner
14) Potongkang
15) Lewis McGowan
16) Amelia Lily
17) Marc Jacobs
18) Kerwhizz
19) Reverend Caroline Wheeler
20) Skyjet
21) Oscar Ramiro Ortega Hernandez
22) David Roark
23) Dr. Barry Morgan
24) Adrian Prout
25) Lucy Jackson

In Other News

1) Who is the Specsavers Glamourous Glasses wearer for 2011 ?
2) A signed speech by Ed Milliband raised how much money in a charity auction ?
3) Which bank has announced it will be giving 250,000 customers refunds
4) How are villagers in Henham nr. Bishop’s Stortford keeping their post office open ?
5) Which health watchdog has been slammed by Patients’ Groups ?
6) Who has finally been given his identity back by Facebook, after being told many times that they did not believe that it was really him when he tried to re register ?
7) Which US protestors camp has finally been demolished ?
8) David Cameron was criticized for trying to imitate whom last week ?
9) Name the four play off winners for the Euros
10) Which country’s return to Formula 1 is being delayed until 2013 ?
11) A blue plaque to whom has upset residents of Wentworth Court in Surbiton ?
12) A lockdown was caused by a false alarm in which nuclear power station last week ?
13) A salty underground lake which may contain life has been discovered on which moon ?
14) Who will present a special one off Jim’ll Fix It show at Christmas ?
15) The last episode of which series will nto be shown abroad ?
16) Who began work as a reporter for NBC last week ?
17) Where did the world’s biggest dating fair take place ?
18) The world’s first Cornish pasty museum has opened in which country ?
19) What caused the X Factor to be delayed last week ?
20) Protestors set up a camp at a second cathedral last week. which one ?
21) Whose sauce has been recalled in a botulism alert ?
22) Dario Gradi stepped down from management with Crewe Alexandra after how many years ?
23) Who bought Northern Rock for £747 million ?
24) A special recording of whose voice will be made for use in the Giggleswick School panto ?
25) Which Danish crime show has seen translators mistranslate mild Danish swearwords into the F word for the English subtitles ?
26) Which company has been criticized for a series of adverts showing world leaders kissing ?
27) Police have reopened an inquiry into whose death, 30 years after it was closed ?
28) There were reports last week of Kindles being ruined by what ?
29) Who had to apologise for suggesting that racism could be solved with a handshake ?
30) Which England cricketing knight died last week ?
31) The EU have banned water bottled from making which claim ?
32) The Vatican newspaper has claimed that which Englishman was a crypto catholic ?
33) Which magazine is celebrating its 75th birthday ?
34) What is the name of the square in Cairo where thousands of protestors have gathered ?
35) Which city has voted to legalise cannabis next year ?

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news ?
1) They are standing trial for the murder of Stephen Lawrence
2) Senior Labour political figure buried last week
3) US Football coach of Penn State accused of sexual abuse
4) Scorer of England’s 200th goal ( own goal , came first off the boot of Frank Lampard )
5) Horse of the Year
6) New autobiography by Ronnie Biggs
7) Actor starring in new version of Wuthering Heights as heathcliffe
8) Next presenter of Countdown
9) Claims that being banned from driving and having to use public transport will damage his public persona
10) Head of public school attacked by bleach over merger
11) Winner of Big Brother 2011
12) BBC presenter accused of homophobia over his use of the phrase ‘queer street’
13) Dancing on Ice judge accused of racism after posting internet message about robbery by ‘black youths’
14) Luxury department store selling western goods opening in Pyonyang, North Korea
15) Young star of the John Lewis Christmas TV Advert
16) Voted back into the X Factor to replace Frankie Cocozza
17) Fashion designer whose whole collection was stolen
18) BBC childrens show being sued by Mike Mitchell who claims it uses characters he created and sent to the BBC , which were later lost.
19) Criticised for using the S word twice during a remembrance Day service
20) Travel firm which collapsed, leaving passengers liable to unpaid fees of £24,000 in Vienna airport
21) Accused of trying to assassinate Barack Obama
22) Mayor of Horncastle Lincolnshire criticised for going go karting rather than attending nay Remembrance Day Service
23) Archbishop of Wales who has offered protestors to set up camps by Llandaff Cathedral
24) Finally confessed to killing his wife after years in jail after fiancée persuaded him to take a lie detector test
25) 12 year old taken away from Sheppey Academy in handcuffs after refusing to leave when told to go home over her blue dyed hair.

In Other News

1) Nancy Dell’Olio
2) £6
3) Halifax
4) 40 villagers have each agreed to pay a pound a month to keep it open
5) Quality Care Commission
6) Sir Salman Rushdie
7) Wall Street in New York
8) Julia Gillard , in what has been hailed as the worst Australian Accent ever
9) Croatia – Czech Republic – Republic of Ireland – Portugal
10) United States
11) Phyllis Dixey – wartime stripper
12) Heysham
13) Europa
14) Shane Ritchie
15) Frozen Planet ( too graphic about Global Warming )
16) Chelsea Clinton
17) Shanghai
18) Mexico !
19) Despite conspiracy theories, all concerned say that it really was a power surge at the BT Tower
20) Exeter
21) Loyd Grossman Korma Sauce
22) 28 years ( 1404 games )
23) Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Money
24) Dame Judi Dench
25) The Killing
26) Benetton
27) Natalie Wood
28) Airport X Ray Scanners
29) Sepp Blatter
30) Sir Basil D’Oliveira
31) It prevents dehydration
32) William Shakespeare
33) Life Magazine
34) Tahrir Square
35) Copenhagen

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