Saturday, 26 November 2011

Cryptic Question

Right – last week’s was

A Joplin rag: an inventive Russian soldier: an American Albatross: the Sun of May: The crux of astronomy. Where are they all, and which 3 appear more than once ?

Not so difficult at all this one. Scott Joplin wrote The MAPLE LEAF Rag. In America, a score of three under par – the Kalashnikov Rifle was invented by the eponymous Russian soldier - an albatross in the UK is a DOUBLE EAGLE – The SOL de MAIO is the Sun of May, and The SOUTHERN CROSS constellation has the latin name Crux. All appear on national flags. There are double headed eagles on the flags of Montenegro and Albania. The Sol de Maio is on the flags of both Uruguay and Argentina. The Southern Cross can be found on the flags of Australia and New Zealand. The Maple Leaf is on the flag of Canada, and the Kalashnikov on the flag of Mozambique
Here’s the next –

A roman double cross: Kelly’s ocular equipment: the age of suffrage. What comes next ? Which of these could bring you to a port in Asia ?

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