Saturday, 12 November 2011

Answers to News Questions

Who or what are the following, and why have they been in the news ?

1) Charlie Hebdo
2) Reg Dean
3) Martyn Thomas
4) Mario Draghi
5) Kent’s Cavern
6) Periogard
7) Mary and Chris Gorman
8) Audiopedia
9) Steve Williams
10) Jamie Pyatt
11) David Amess
12) Ruth Davidson
13) James Gordon
14) Victor Bout
15) Lioness
16) Abdul Rahim Al Keeb
17) Graeme Knowles
18) John Egging
19) Ulrik Lawson
20) Carol Caplin
21) Diane Taylor
22) Dunaden
23) Andrew Tyrie
24) Yasuhiro Sanoda
25) Jonathan Cocks
26) Chameil Bhatia
27) Jan Tomaszewski
28) Herman Cain
29) Danica May Camacho
30) Malzabek Atambayev
31) William Adams
32) The Pipe and Glass
33) K777

In Other News

1) Which Atlantic Island is to get its own airport ?
2) Name the PM of Greece who called then cancelled a referendum on the EU bail out deal
3) Which welsh lighthouse is up for sale ?
4) Which organization angered the USA by voting to accept the Palestinian Authority as a full member ?
5) Which area of Afghanistan Helmand province is due to be handed over to the Afghanistan forces by the British forces ?
6) A memorial stone for whom is to be placed in Poet’s Corner in Westminster Abbey ?
7) Where did a Boeing 767 of which airline pull off a text book crash landing last week ?
8) Which show became the first on UK daytime TV to feature full frontal male nudity ?
9) Whose bloomers sold last week for £9000 ?
10) Why are postmen being told not to deliver to houses in a part of Benfleet ?
11) Which 51 year old claimed he was delighted at becoming the father of a baby daughter last week ?
12) Who called for Cameron and Osborne to drop his opposition to the European proposal for a tax on banks ?
13) Name the newspaper that published the cartoon of Mohammad the day after a French satirical magazine was firebombed for featuring it ?
14) Where in South Wales were 3 men rescued after a mine collapsed ?
15) According to Harper’s Bazaar who is Britain’s Best dressed woman ?
16) Who said about his predecessor – “I can’t understand what he’s saying “
17) Which veteran rocker attacked itunes as a ‘digital vampire’ ?
18) The world’s oldest what – at 111 years old – was discovered in Poole in Dorset ?
19) What happened to a Martin Kippenberger art installation in a gallery in Dortmund ?
20) Who apologized for dumping unshredded controversial documents outside his constituency office ?
21) Which magazine celebrated its centenary this week ?
22) Which country are the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall touring at the moment ?
23) What have 12 artists including Tracey Emin, Bridget Reilly and Rachael Whiteread unveiled this week ?
24) Which council issued special branded doormats to elderly residents in its flats, then confiscated them over concerns over health and safety ?
25) Which landowner has been criticized for raising rents on the most famous flea market in Paris ?
26) An episode of which TV show has been aired for the first time after over 40 years in Germany ?
27) Which is the first cathedral in Britain to have a weathercock gilded in fair Trade gold leaf ?
28) What is the name of Rupert Murdoch’s daughter who claims to have urged her father to sack her brother James ?
29) What practice has been identified as being responsible for a series of earth tremors in Blackpool?
30) Who lost his appeal against extradition to Sweden ?
31) Who has quit as head coach of Wasps ?
32) Which premier league manager underwent heart surgery last week ?


Who or what are the following ?

1) The French satirical magazine firebombed for an edition which claimed the Prophet Mohammad as a guest editor
2) Britain’s oldest man who turned 109 on 31st October
3) Chief Executive of the RFU stripped of all his roles
4) New Head of the European Central Bank
5) Near Torquay – the earliest human remains in Europe have been found there
6) Mouthwash withdrawn for containing Burkholderia bacteria
7) Millionaire couple accused of lewd acts in toilets of nightclub in Orlando
8) BBCs new 70 year radio online archive
9) Former caddie of Tiger Woods who made extremely racist comment about his former employer
10) First Sun journalist arrested over phone hacking
11) First Conservative MP to face criminal charges over expenses
12) Elected the new leader of the Scottish conservatives
13) He has been ordered to pay £400,000 c0ompensation for destroying another golfer’s eye with a wayward shot
14) Russian arms dealer nicknamed “The Merchan t of Death” who has been sentenced to life in New York
15) The posthumous Amy Winehouse LP
16) Interim Libyan first minister
17) Dean of St. Pauls who resigned over the original decision to take legal action over the protestors – since changed
18) Red Arrows pilot tragically killed, whose memorial service was held in Lincoln Cathedral last week
19) Property developer unsuccessfully sued by Noel Edmonds
20) Announced as a phone hacking victim
21) 92 year old who was asked to provide ID before a shop would sell her a bottle of whisky
22) Horse that won the Melbourne Cup
23) MP to whom the BBC apologized for suggesting that he’d been silenced by number 10
24) Japanese scientist who drank water from Fukushima
25) He has been banned from watching football in the pub on Sunday since it makes him too drunk for community service on the Monday
26) Daughter of Meera Syal acquitted of attacking other person with a glass at a party
27) Former Polish goalkeeper accused of being a spy for the Polish secret police – denied the calim strenuously
28) Republican presidential candidate accused of sexual harassment
29) The symbolic 7 billionth person – born in the Philippines
30) New president of Kyrgyzstan
31) Texas judge videoed and put on Youtube seemingly beating his disabled daughter
32) Pub of the Year in the Michelin Guide
33) Boat inspired by Donald Campbell’s Bluebird – which sank during its first run on Coniston Water

In Other News

1) St. Helena
2) Papandreou
3) Point of Ayr
5) Nad and Ali
6) Ted Hughes
7) LOT in Warsaw
8) This Morning
9) Queen Victoria
10) Because the road surface is too dangerous for them
11) Hugh Grant
12) Rowan Williams
13) Libération
14) Aberpergwm near Glynneath
15) The Duchess of Cambridge
16) Roger Moore said it about Sean Connery
17) Pete Townsend
18) A Christmas Pudding
19) It was ruined when a cleaner mistakenly cleaned it
20) Vince Cable
21) Woman’s Weekly
22) South Africa
23) Official Posters they have designed for the 2012 Olympic Games
24) Kirklees
25) The Duke of Westminster
26) Star Trek – where Kirk and Spock have to wear Nazi uniforms
27) Chichester
28) Elisabeth Murdoch
29) Fracking
30) Julian Assanhe
31) Shaun Edwards
32) Harry Redknapp

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