Saturday, 12 November 2011

News Questions

Who or what are the following, and why have they been in the news ?

1) Brodie Clark
2) Sharon Bialek
3) Sarah Burton
4) Faye Braye
5) Dotun Adebayo
6) Christopher Adler
7) He whom the cows love so much that they call for him when they are in times of distress
8) Operation Opal
9) Mowgli
10) Hinchingbrooke Hospital
11) Sports Direct Arena
12) Gwendolyne Ruais
13) Clemency Florence Rose
14) Wayne Kelly
15) Julius Malema
16) Neil McCallum
17) Dr. Diletta Bianchini
18) Lucas Papademos
19) Mario Monti
20) Muslims Against Crusades
21) Kris Marshall
22) RAF Mount Pleasant
23) Amanda Coulson
24) Tinglan Hong
25) Sean Quinn
26) Riain Richards
27) Gloria Dwomoh
28) Peter Duffy
29) La Voile Rouge
30) Jack Widdowson
31) West Beach Newhaven
32) Tony Bailey
33) Ariel Actilift
34) Askham Richard

In Other News

1) Dr. Conrad Murray has been sentenced to how long in prison ?
2) A lifetime ban on which group of people giving blood has now been lifted ?
3) Who won the Mailer prize for his 2010 autobiography ‘Life’ ?
4) Which group of professionals voted to strike for the first time in their history last week ?
5) Where did a new tent city in London spring up, then get broken up ?
6) What caused a delay to the first performance of Michael Sheen’s Hamlet last week ?
7) Which popular TV quiz is set for another return to our screens ?
8) Whose autobiography released last week is called “Mad Dog : An Englishman” ?
9) Carlos the Jackal has finally gone on trial – where ?
10) Which species of large mammal was declared extinct last week ?
11) Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry took 53 seconds trying to remember the third department he would axe in a TV debate. The first two were Education and Commerce. Which was the third one which gave him such trouble ?
12) Which unusual dish is being offered by French’s Fish and Chip shop in Wells Next the Sea , Norfolk ?
13) In Brampton, Cambridgeshire, police have held an identity parade of what ?
14) In a survey of 1000 8 to 13 year olds what did the majority think a) The Battle of Britain - and b) The Tudors – were ?
15) It has been reported that Broadmoor prison is considering hiring the services of whom ?
16) Who was hailed in the Vatican Official Newspaper last week as “A Catholic Hero “ ?
17) What was the score in the first leg qualification match between the Republic of Ireland and Estonia ?
18) What world attraction was closed on 11/11/11 in case it attracted cult groups to do ceremonies there ?
19) London beat which city to win the right to host the 2017 World Athletics Championship ?
20) Who admitted that she is a closet royalist when she met the Queen last week ?
21) Which Oxford College vetoed plans to give an honorary fellowship to Michael Gove over funding cuts ?
22) Who lost a legal attempt to prove that their energy drink is a functional food – which would not incur VAT – rather than a beverage, which does ?
23) The giant pandas Tian Tian and Yang Guang will be coming to which British zoo ?
24) Saadi Gaddafi has been given asylum by which African country ?
25) Which canal was partly drained when a careless boater forgot to close a lock gate properly ?
26) Which contestant was kicked off the X-Factor for breaking competition rules ?
27) In which country in Europe do people have the longest life expectancy ?
28) Name the professional dancer on Strictly Come Dancer who has been injured and cannot continue in the competition ?
29) Which country became the first to pass a ‘carbon tax’ ?
30) Which world leader called Benjamin Netanyahu a liar last week ?

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