Saturday, 21 December 2013

UC At Christmas

I’m not going to review every edition of Christmas UC this year, but I don’t mind saying it was a pleasure to see it back last night as the lead in to Mastermind. The University of Reading were comfortably beaten by Emmanuel College. I was delighted to see Emmanuel’s team including Rory McGrath, this year’s host for November’s GetConnected Charity evening, and a decent quizzer in his own right. I enjoyed last night, since it’s worth the price of admission watching JP biting his tongue when one of the teams comes out with a silly answer. In particular there was one member of the Reading team – they were doing it for charity so no names – no pack drill - who came out with the totally irrelevant answer of ‘sausage’ for one question , and then reckoned that Madeira is a Commonwealth country – wrong on both counts. Perhaps a little too much of the BBC sherry partaken before the show, there. A comfortable win for Emmanuel there.


Jack said...

Yes, a comfortable victory to start the series, for a change. I was half-expecting a very close one, given that's what we've had to start the two previous Xmas series.

I too won't be covering this series show by show, but I will post a quick summary of the first five shows next Friday.

Londinius said...

Hi Jack
As I said, for me the best moments of the show were watching JP's face as he was desperate to say words to the effect of - how thick are you?