Saturday, 7 December 2013

In the News

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Paul Walker
2. Jean Kent
3. Tony Bellew
4. Laure Provost
5. Wantee
6. Stoner
7. Jonas Von Essen
8. Toby Rowland
9. Gal Gadot
10. Dustin Lance Black
11. PISA
12. Brazuca
13. Kieran Reid
14. Alexander Blackman
15. Mark Sampson

In Other News

1. Which country was visited by David Cameron last week?
2. Which premier league manager was sacked last week?
3. What was the score between Man Utd. and Spurs?
4. – and Man City and Swansea?
5. What was the score in the Rugby League world cup final?
6. – and between Wales and Australia in the RU Autumn test?
7. Who lost his 4th Strictly dance off last week?
8. Who ‘came out’ on Twitter?
9. Jamie Cullum was criticized for a gig in which venue?
10. Who is the BBC’s African Footballer of the Year?
11. Which Premier League manager left ‘by mutual consent’ last week?
12. Mike Phillips signed a new contract with which rugby club last week?
13. Pope Francis revealed that he had once worked as what last week?
14. Which store are giving staff time off to attend their children’s Nativity plays?
15. What will soon no longer be seen on British roads?
16. Who was banned from racing for five years?
17. Who declared some people too stupid to get on life last week?
18. Which celebrity was charged in France last week with inciting race hatred?
19. Nico Hulkenberg has rejoined which F1 team for 2014?
20. Name the cricketers on the shortlist for the ICC cricketer of the year?
21. French experts say that who was not poisoned?
22. Where is the venue for the 2nd Ashes test?
23. English rugby clubs have withdrawn from what?
24. How old was Nelson Mandela who passed away last week?
25. Which teams are in England’s 2014 world cup group?
26. Which country became a member of the UN security council for the next two years?
27. What were seen swimming in the Thames last week?
28. Who were the last of the Big Six energy companies to raise prices?
29. Which university took out injunctions to prevent students from protesting last week?
30. Who was reelected president of FIA, the world governing body of Formula 1?
31. Which world cup group includes England?

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