Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year's Quiz Resolutions

Yes, it’s New Year’s Eve, and so without further ado I’d like to post my quiz resolutions for the coming year. I’ve had a much better year moaning-and-whinging-about-cheating-wise, but it’s probably wise to still include something about this.

I resolve to try to show more sportsmanship when John and I are beaten in Sunday evening quizzes.

I think that this still allows me to be indignant if I see any cheating in my home quiz in the rugby club, but to be on the safe side I will also make this one

* I resolve to keep vigilance against phone cheating in the quiz in Aberavon Rugby Club.

I did last year resolve to be more sympathetic in my comments about the quizzes produced by semi-regular and guest question masters in the rugby club, to keep my negative comments to myself, and to try to make my criticisms constructive rather than destructive. I think that I went some way towards doing this, but maybe still need to include something along these lines

I resolve to try to remember that not everyone takes their quizzing as seriously as I do, and to try to avoid making unhelpful comments at the quiz in the club.

I’m going to keep another perennial favourite: -

* I resolve to apply to another TV quiz show if I see one I like the look or the sound of

Yes, another year has gone by that I didn’t grace, or otherwise, the TV screens. Well, I came close to playing in a pilot, but in the end the company decided to go in another direction. That’s the way it works sometimes. Heigh ho.

The next is another easy carry over

I resolve to continue my support of the GetConnected Charity, participation in whose events has brought me a lot of pleasure in the last three years.

Each year I thank my fairy quizfather that they still ask me to take part.

Last Year I made the resolution to become a little more actively involved in The Mastermind Club. Since then I have had, I thin, three articles published in Pass, the club magazine. So this year I’ll try to take it a step further: -

I resolve to try to attend the annual Mastermind Club event

Let’s move on to a new one. If you’re a regular you might recall me mentioning an article in the Bridgend Gem newspaper about the Quiz League. In this it suggested that heavy defeats, such as the one my team inflicted upon one of the others were very demoralizing. If I said that no umbrage whatsoever was taken that would be a brazen lie, but I was more concerned about the suggestion that we might be having such an effect on the League. I’ve played in a League which dwindled until there were too few teams for it to be viable once, and it wasn’t nice. I love quizzes, I certainly don’t want to kill them, and so I made my offer to drop out of the League at the AGM. That was turned down by those who were in attendance. Since then I have actually been asked to drop out by someone who wasn’t even playing in a team at that time! So, with that in mind I will make this resolution: -

I resolve to try my hardest not to irritate members of other teams, and if the consensus is that it would be for the good of the league, to bow out at the AGM with good grace and no hard feelings.

On to more pleasant things then. What remains? Well, as always: -

* I resolve to keep working at my quizzing when time permits

Yes, when time permits. After all, this is fun, not work. Quizzing never has felt like a chore to me, and long may this continue. Which only leaves this hardy perennial -

* I resolve above all else to enjoy my quizzing throughout the next year as much as I have enjoyed it this year.

I wish you all the same.

Happy New Year to one and all.


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Happy New Year Dave

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Happy New Year Dan!