Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Annual Get-Together - Delay to News Questions and Mastermind

Just giving you prior warning that this coming weekend is the annual family pre-Christmas get together. I will be taking Pip, Jessie, and my wonderful grandson Ollie to Worthing to show them off to my side of the family on Friday evening, and won't be back until Sunday afternoon. I probably won't be posting anything over the weekend before Sunday evening at the earliest. That's why I've written earlier than normal reviews of UC and OC. Don't worry though, normal service will be resumed ASAP.

Well, while I'm here, I might as well let you know what happened on Sunday evening, I know that you've probably been worrying about it. I decided to try to win a contribution to Mary and my other two girls' lunch next Sunday by playing in the Twelve Knights. Not having John with me the strategy I decided upon was taking one of the girls with me - Jessie as it turned out - who could at least help out with the pictures. Did it work? Well, let me tell you that last time John and I played we had 4 out of ten in the pictures, while Jessie and I had 8 this week. Only 5 on the news questions, and dropped two on the first list of five - Heinz best selling 5 products. After that though we didn't drop another point. Kudos to Jessie, she saw that Jeremy Thorpe - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and others were linked by all being parks - she saw it before I did. That helped us get the name of Jayne Mansfield as well. Alright - I wouldn't say I've quite got Jessie hooked yet, but it's a start, and the first prize should make a dent in the bill for Mary and the girls' Sunday lunch while we're on the way home.

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