Saturday, 21 December 2013

News Questions

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Qunu
2. Sam Bailey
3. Mohammed Abu Talb
4. Winter Wonderland MK
5. Karl Pierson
6. Jade Rabbit
7. Harold Camping
8. Skyscraper
9. Abbas Khan
10. David Lagerkrantz
11. Robert Holden, Matthew Winstone, Ian Laurie
12. Jonathan Tiernan-Locke
13. Giuseppe Mannino
14. Michael Rogers
15. Jeffrey Ganano
16. Paul Torday
17. Gaia
18. Stuart Harness and Gavin Humphries

In Other News

1. Which exotic bird was stranded in North Wales last week?
2. The late Peter O’Toole – how many Oscar nominations – for which role was he nominated twice – which film did he receive his last nomination for?
3. Name the top three in the BBC Sports Personality of the year
4. Who was sacked as manager of West Brom?
5. Who was the last man to be voted off Strictly?
6. What was the score between Man City and Arsenal?
7. – and Spurs and Liverpool?
8. Which award was given to Sir Alex Ferguson at the Sports Personality of the Year?
9. According to a survey, which is the nation’s least favourite Christmas song?
10. Whose album became the fastest ever seller on itunes?
11. The UN launched an appeal for how much money for Syria?
12. Who accused Home Secretary Theresa May of formulating illegal and undeliverable plans to cap the number of UK nationals coming to the UK?
13. Which 96 year old Oscar winner passed away last week?
14. Who was sacked as Spurs manager
15. Which teams have the following been drawn against in the Champions’ League? – Arsenal – Man City – Chelsea – Man Utd.?
16. John Major said who are great for Britain?
17. Who resigned as Watford Manager?
18. Which boxer relinquished his world title in order to concentrate on politics in his country?
19. Which European leader was elected for a third term last week?
20. Who ruled out becoming an MP again in 2015?
21. Which two words were David Cameron’s assessment of the situation when British troops pull out of Afghanistan?
22. In the Capital One cup what was the score between Man City and Leicester? 23. and Sunderland and Chelsea? 24. and Man Utd and Stoke City? 25. and Spurs and West Ham?
26. Who is Spurs’ interim manager?
27. What sentence was passed on former Lost Prophets front man Ian Watkins?
28. Who was chosen by Obama as a winter Olympic delegate in a move seen as designed to embarrass the Putin regime’s anti-gay stance?
29. What will happen to British banknotes from 2016?
30. How old was Ronnie Biggs when he passed away?
31. Northampton Saints were fined how much for allowing George North to play for Wales outside the test window?
32. Who was appointed head coach of Novak Djokovic?
33. Which veteran Lib Dem MP took his first ever ministerial post last week?
34. Who was banned from competing in the 2014 Winter Paralympics due to a refusal to ratify her ski equipment?
35. The Neville brothers’ father was cleared of sexual assault charges last week. What is his given name?
36. What was named the world’s richest property last week?
37. Ian H. Watkins from Steps won an apology from which website who wrongly used his photograph alongside the story about Ian Watkins’ conviction?
38. The roof of which West End theatre collapsed last week?
39. Which footballer was banned for two matches for an obscene gesture?
40. Which two teams made it to the final of the world club cup final?
41. Vladimir Putin compared Stalin to which Englishman last week?
42. Which manager refused an order to resign last week?
43. The last of which iconic vehicle rolled off the production line last week?

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