Monday, 9 December 2013

Stop Press - Fifteen to One on way back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandi Toksvig is to host a new series apparently. wouldn't have been my choice for a new series, but there we are, beggars can't be choosers.

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Fifteen to One Return


Jack said...

Heard this earlier too.

Wonder if you saw the 'one off special' with Adam Hills earlier this year. It was OK, despite being a bit slow, and some thought it was testing the ground to bring the show back.

Also uncertain about how Sandi T. will handle things, but I eagerly await this series to see how it goes.

Londinius said...

The choice of Sandi Toksvig worries me greatly. I have no particular animus about her, but the fact that she is the QM suggests that they want to take the show in a particular direction - less questions, more chat, more contestants who are big 'personalities' rather than people who actually know anything. I hope I'm wrong. Nothing would be worse than seeing the greatest of all quiz shows brought back as a shadow of its former self.

Jack said...

That's a good point Dave. Weaver's Week stated the main problem with the Adam Hills hosted special earlier this year was it was too slow moving, and there was too much chat.

But then, and this is something I may cover in greater depth over on JOW later, quiz shows are generally more 'chatty' nowadays. Apart from UC, BoB and Mastermind, most others involve a fair amount of contestant 'banter'.

George Millman said...

Unless they extend the length of the show, I don't see how they can have too much banter with contestants. Very few shows have more than about six or seven contestants; Weakest Link managed nine, but that was a stretch, and not every contestant got a chat with Anne. I can't see how a quiz show with fifteen contestants can have much chat within that timeframe. You have to crack on with it to eliminate people as quickly as possible. Unless, of course, they extend the length.

One of my favourite quiz show hosts was Kaye Adams on The People Versus in 2001. The programme didn't last long, but she had the rare knack of being able to create a quick rapport with the contestants, while not actually wasting too much time. You don't get many hosts who can do that.

drgaryegrant said...

There's very little 'banter' you'll be pleased to hear, but Sandi does 'explain' each answer, which suggests to me it will be a 45 minute show.
Weren't you tempted to apply, Dave?