Sunday, 8 December 2013

Quiz of the Year Book

At the risk of leaving myself open to accusations of being mercenary, could I take just a moment to bring something to your attention? One of the most popular features of the blog, I know, is the weekly selection of news questions, which many people have been kind enough to compliment me on. This has led to me deciding to put this together.

It’s a compilation of the news quizzes from this year, and in my opinion it’s maybe the sort of thing you might be interested in if you are putting together an end of year quiz, or playing in one. There are sections for each month of the year, in the ever popular – Who or what are the following – and – In other news formats.

It’s available on your kindle now, at about £2.50.
If you’re interested and want to go over to amazon to check it out, then just click on this link: -
Quiz Of The Year Quiz Book

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