Sunday, 15 December 2013

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, Thank you very much for giving me my dearest quiz wish and resurrecting 15 to 1. Now, if it’s any good as well, then that’s my birthday taken care of as well. Granted that you probably have already worked out who’s naughty and nice, but even so, it is traditional at this time of year for me to take a look back at my quiz resolutions. So let’s begin, shall we?

* I resolve to try to take defeat in pub quizzes a little more philosophically, to accept that there will always be a level of cheating in some quizzes, and to not moan about it endlessly when it happens.

I relatively recently stopped going to a quiz. There were a number of reasons, but one of them was that the results when one particular question master did the quiz were highly suspicious. I kept my own counsel about it – largely – and I think that I am definitely getting better on this score. So : -
Verdict – Nice-r

* I resolve to carry on the fight against phone cheating in the quiz in Aberavon Rugby Club, and to maintain my firm opposition to it whenever it is my turn to be question master.

I cannot say that I have any reason to suspect that any of this year’s quizzes in the club have been affected by phone cheating. A huge well done to everyone at the quiz. It does restore your faith a little – and my tongue is only partially in my cheek when I say this.
Verdict – Nice

I resolve to be more careful and sympathetic in my comments about the quizzes produced by semi-regular and guest question masters in the rugby club, to keep my negative comments to myself, and to try to make my criticisms constructive rather than destructive.

For a couple of months at the start of the year Brian was seriously ill, and it fell to me to co-ordinate the quizzes in the club. Thankfully Brian returned. Still, I think and I hope that fellow setters have found me supportive and constructive this year. So I’m going to say
Verdict – Nice
* I resolve to apply to another TV quiz show if I see one I like the look or the sound of I honestly didn’t see anything I fancied applying to that much, although I did come close to appearing in a pilot. ( If that show ever sees the light of day, I’ll let you know.)
Verdict – could be nicer

* I resolve to continue my support of the GetConnected Charity, participation in whose events has brought me a lot of pleasure in the last three years.

Each year I am honoured and excited to be invited to participate in these events, and will continue to support them for as long as they want me to do so.
Verdict – Nice

* I resolve to try to become a little more actively involved in the Mastermind Club

I couldn’t make it to the annual get together, but I have contributed some articles to our magazine, “Pass”. As for the get-together – well, maybe this year.

Verdict – Nice

* I resolve to keep working at my quizzing when time permits

Yes, Santa, I have been doing a bit on the QT. Well, I can’t just let Lemurs have their own way in every quiz in the club – just the vast majority of them.
Verdict – Nice

* I resolve above all else to enjoy my quizzing throughout the next year as much as I have enjoyed it this year.

Of course this should be a given, but it does no harm to remind yourself every now and again that you’re doing all this for fun, and that it is still a source of great enjoyment, and fun. And it is – it always is.
Verdict – Very nice indeed

So thank you, Santa. What I’ve already got, that’ll do just fine for me.

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