Saturday, 30 March 2013

News Questions

In the news

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Pervez Musharraf
2. Boris Berezhovsky
3. Eddie Mair
4. The Meaningful Easter Egg Co.
5. Car Share
6. Criterium International
7. Mallissa Venice Noel
8. Amanda Knox
9. Arnold Palmer International
10. Kim Barnett
11. Clive Mantle
12. Norman Baker
13. Sir Jonathan May
14. Jade Anderson
15. Martha Jane Fox
16. Nigel Adkins
17. James Holmes

In Other News

1. Last week which city was revealed as the best value European city for a short break?
2. The leader of which central African country was ousted last week?
3. Last week a blue plaque was unveiled to commemorate which London institution?
4. Which brand of chocolate bar was recalled due to pieces of plastic being found in some?
5. Which famous church was presented with new bells last week?
6. Who defied team orders to gain a better place on the podium in the Malaysian GP, and who obeyed team orders, and didn’t get a place on the podium in the same race?
7. Scotland defeated Sweden in the final of which world championship last week?
8. Who won the FA Trophy Final
9. In a Gadget Show poll, what came out as the top innovation disaster of all time?
10. Which railway opened a line to East Grinstead, connecting with the National Rail Network last week?
11. Which US university was last week stripped of several national quiz titles?
12. What was the venue for the friendly between Brazil and Russia last week?
13. What was the final score in the Hong Kong World Sevens Final?
14. Which two British cities are on the shortlist for the European Green Capital of 2015?
15. What was the result of the final test between England and New Zealand?
16. What was the score in the Brazil v. Russia friendly?
17. What was abolished by Home Secretary Theresa May last week for being not fit for purpose?
18. Who announced that he is quitting as an MP to take up a new post in the USA?
19. Which comedian announced that he would like to run as London Mayor in 2020?
20. What was the score between England and Montenegro?
21. – and between Wales and Croatia?
22. Which rugby team lost their appeal against lost points following fielding an ineligible player?
23. What was the score in the Republic of Ireland v. Austria clash?
24. What was the score between Scotland and Serbia?
25. Who used the c word to describe the Environment Secretary following his support for a badger cull and foxhunting?
26. PETA called for an end to which sport last week?
27. Parts of which structure were removed to make way for a building project last week?
28. Which company pulled out of their sponsorship of the iTV drama “Broadchurch”?
29. Which band announced they will be playing Glastonbury this year?
30. A new type of vaccine against what was announced last week?
31. Whose deportation was once again refused by the courts last week?
32. Who announced that her athletics career is probably now over due to a long standing foot injury?
33. Which cycle race will be run for the first time in 20 years this summer?
34. Where was an X Factor audition held where only one auditionee turned up at first?
35. The search for whom was called off last week?
36. It was announced that a drink nicknamed tramp juice is to be made revived. What is its real name?
37. Which actor died aged 65?
38. How long did it take astronauts to reach the International Space Station this week?
39. Parents in Swansea are being offered £100 to stop using what?
40. The heart unit in which hospital was controversially closed last week?

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