Friday, 15 March 2013

Leave our Barry Alone !

Last night a quiz mate of mine asked me whether I'd seen the articles in the papers about Barry in Brain of Britain. Apparently a number of people rang into the BBC to complain after hearing his appearence in the semi final, because Barry is an Egghead. Some time ago, just after Barry's first round appearence I wrote about this, after I was actually asked by someone I know how Barry was allowed to take part, being an Egghead. If you read that post ( and if you didn't - can I recommend it to you? It's very good and it's called Brain of Britain Discussion Point ) then you'll know my view - that BoB is a show that sets out to find the best , and that means you don't ever prevent people from entering because they're good at it. Well, that's simplifying it a bit, but that's basically what I was getting at.

I read the Independent article. Now, I normally rather like The Independent, but I have to say that this article certainly wasn't the best researched one that I've ever read. For one thing it said that there are just 5 Eggheads - a little bit out of date that one, lads. One fact that they couldn't hide in the article though is that the number of people who complained is pathetically small. I think the figure mentioned was 5!

Don't let it get you down, Barry. I have no doubt that you will do yourself, and us proud in the final, win lose or draw . I take the liberty of ending with Barry's own words, tweeted after this storm in a teacup was whipped up

Let me remind everyone the program is called Brain of Britain!

Well said, sir. Well said!

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