Saturday, 23 March 2013

Answers to News Questions

In the News

Who or what are the following , and why have they been in the news?

1. When you really love someone
2. Brian McDermott
3. Hurricane Fly
4. Paul Marshallsea
5. Jorge Mario Bergoglio ( as if you didn’t know!)
6. Paul Arthurs
7. Danny Nightingale
8. Peter Banks
9. John Catt
10. Amalia Damonte
11. J.T.Mcnamara
12. Alasdair Smith
13. Panstarrs
14. Xi Jinping
15. Dr. Davinder Bains
16. Eric Joyce
17. Richard Wallace
18. Kevin McGeever
19. Bobs worth

In Other News

1. Where have Charles and Camilla been visiting this week
2. Which writer revealed that he was interfered with as a child?
3. What sentences were given to Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce?
4. Which sports commentator passed away ?
5. How many Falkland Islanders voted against staying part of Britain?
6. What was the top visitor attraction in the UK in 2012?
7. Who was awarded Laureus sportswoman of the year ?
8. Who received the Laureus lifetime achievement in Sport award?
9. Which jockey rode the champion hurdle winner in Cheltenham?
10. Who has become the oldest woman ever to grace the cover of Vogue?
11. Who was initially prevented from entering the Royal Enclosure at Cheltenham?
12. How many cardinals voted in the conclave to elect a new pope?
13. Who regained his British boxing license?
14. By which score did Barcelona defeat AC Milan?
15. Who announced her first UK tour since 1978?
16. What is the papal name of the new pope?
17. The new pope was formerly the bishop of which diocese?
18. Which new literary prize to rival the Booker was launched last week?
19. What was the score in the Millwall v. Blackburn FA Cup replay?
20. What was the score between Arsenal and Bayern Munich?
21. Which premier league footballer has been charged with dr4iving while disqualified?
22. Which former DJ was arrested again last week?
23. Which competition was won by the England women’s Football team?
24. On the annual Forbes List, who is the world’s most influential celebrity?
25. What was the score between Spurs and Inter Milan?
26. What was the score between Newcastle and Anzhi Makhachala?
27. – and between Chelsea and Steau Bucharest?
28. Which former nightclub and TV stand up comic passed away aged 88?
29. Which jockey rode the winner of the Cheltenham Gold Cup?
30. – and who trained the horse?


Who or what are the following?

1. New single by Agnetha Faltskogg, formerly of Abba
2. Sacked manager of Reading FC
3. Horse that won the Champion Hurdle
4. ‘Shark Wrestler’ sacked because he was on holiday for ill health when he did it
5. The newly elected pope
6. Former Oasis guitarist about to release album
7. SAS sniper whose sentence was quashed
8. Guitarist with Yes who passed away
9. Protestor who won legal battle to have his name removed from police extremist database
10. She said that the new pope became a priest after she turned down his offer of marriage
11. Jockey injured in fall during Cheltenham Festival
12. Sacked advisor to David Cameron
13. Comet visible in the Northern Hemisphere
14. Newly elected president of China
15. NHS Doctor convicted of 39 sexual offences
16. MP in second bar brawl this week
17. Former Mirror Editor questioned by police over phone hacking
18. Tycoon who vanished for 8 months and has been arrested for wasting police time
19. Horse that won the Cheltenham Gold Cup

In Other News

1. Jordan and the Middle East
2. Alan Bennett
3. Both have been sentenced to 8 months in jail
4. Tony Gubba
5. 3
6. The British Museum, with 5.5 million visitors
7. Jessica Ennis
8. Lord Coe
9. Ruby Walsh
10. Tina Turner - 73
11. Zara Phillips
12. 115
13. Derek Chisora
14. 4 - 0
15. Olivia Newton John
16. Pope Francis
17. Buenos Aires
18. The Folio Prize
19. 1 - 0
20. 2 – 0 – but Arsenal went out on the away goals rule
21. Carlos Tevez
22. Dave Lee Travis
23. The Cyprus Cup
24. Oprah Winfrey
25. 1 – 4 – Spurs went through on the away goals rule - phew
26. 1 - 0
27. 3 - 1
28. Norman Collier
29. Barry Geraghty
30. Nicky Henderson

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