Saturday, 16 March 2013

Brain of Britain - Grand Final Preview

Let’s have a look at the relative performances of our finalists. Here’s my unofficial table: -

NameRound OneRound Two
Darren Martin 1414
Barry Simmons1718
David Stainer2621
Jenny Dunn1713

Amongst some quiz cognoscenti it always looked as if this year’s series was going to boil down to a Barry v. David showdown. I always thought that this was a little simplistic. For one thing, it ignored the fact that both players – well, all 4 of them – have had to play very well in both rounds to get to the grand final in the first place. It also ignores the quirky nature of BoB, and the uneven level of the questions. The mechanics of the show are such that there might only be 7 or 8 questions you can’t answer in the whole quiz. Yet if those happen to be the first questions you get each round, then you’re going to struggle. So nothing is by any means a foregone conclusion.

Having said all of that though I do think that a win for Darren or Jenny would be a bit of a surprise. I foresee the big two slugging it out, with speed on the buzzer for bonuses maybe deciding the outcome. When Barry played in the final of Geoff’s series I thought that he was very unlucky with the way that the questions fell for him. So who knows, maybe the questions will fall better this year. On the other hand David has looked extremely impressive in both of his appearences, and scored highest in both first round and the semifinals. They’re both friends, so I just can’t bring myself to bring down the curse of the sofa upon their heads by tipping either for the win. One prediction I will make though is that it should be a great show – and we can only hope that controversial adjudications don’t play any part in it.


dxdtdemon said...

Maybe this is faulty thinking, but I actually think that Barry might have a little disadvantage. I think that since he doesn't want to get beaten on Eggheads, he would study for a breadth of knowledge. However, if the drastic difficulty gap between the final and the first two rounds is the same as last year, it will reward the quizzer with the most depth of knowledge.

Londinius said...

Hi dxdtdemon

David has to be in pole position, yes, but on the other hand don't underestimate the depth of Barry's knowledge as well as its breadth.

Looking forward to it !

dxdtdemon said...

I am looking forward to it as well. I don't want to bring the curse of the couch in the Wright State University economics lounge on either of these guys. I was just trying to be contrarian to all these people who keep saying "OMG BARRY IS AN EGGHEAD NO ONE CAN BEAT HIM" on the internet. I recognize the fact that both David and Barry are world-class quizzers with a large depth of knowledge, and wish each the best of retrospective luck.