Saturday, 2 March 2013

News Questions

In the news

Who or what are the following, and why have they been in the news?

1. Raymond Cusick
2. Becky James
3. Keith O’Brien
4. Vulcan and Cerberus
5. Lord Rennard
6. Clive Sharp
7. Arctic Star
8. Park Geun-Hye
9. Tony Thompson
10. Francis Crick
11. Chuck Hagel
12. Judge Constance Briscoe
13. LaTonya Norton
14. Tanya Brookes
15. Dennis Tito
16. Misao Okawa
17. Bruce Reynolds
18. Ben Foster
19. Helen Hart
20. Andrew Mason
21. Mike Thornton
22. Diane James

In Other News

1. What was the score in the Capital One Cup Final?
2. What was the score in the Man City v. Chelsea match?
3. What was named the UK’s favourite superbrand?
4. To what has Jermaine Jackson changed his name?
5. What is the UK’s new credit status?
6. Which film won the Oscar for Best Film?
7. Who won the Oscars for : - Best Actor – Best Actress – Best Director – Best Supporting Actor – Best Supporting Actress ?
8. What were the scores in the 6 Nations matches between England and France – Wales and Italy – Scotland and Ireland?
9. What is Andrew Mitchell auctioning for charity?
10. Whose attempt to cross Antarctica during the winter has been ended by frostbite?
11. What was the score in the Spurs v. West Ham London derby?
12. Who bought ESPN’s Uk and Irish channels?
13. What title has Benedict XVI taken?
14. Where in Egypt did the hot air balloon disaster take place?
15. What was the score between Everton and Oldham in the FA Cup?
16. Who has been granted a wild card for the World Snooker Championships?
17. What has changed about Walker’s Smokey Bacon Crisps?
18. What will Ricky Gervais be doing for Comic Relief?
19. Who appeared in court in Haiti last week?
20. Stephen Jones announced that he will be retiring at the end of the season to join the coaching staff of which club?
21. Jessica Ennis’ home town stadium is to close. Which stadium?
22. To what figure are prescription charges due to rise in April in England?

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