Saturday, 23 March 2013

In the News

In the News

Who or what are the following, and why have they been in the news?

1. The Next Day
2. Simon Brodkin
3. Tommy Smith
4. Junior Bradshaw and Kevin Liverpool
5. Wallace Hartley
6. Lindsey Vonn
7. Sir Nicholas Houghton
8. Daisy Morris
9. Malala Yousafzai
10. Michael Appleton
11. Steve Walsh
12. Calypso Nash
13. Laurence Graff
14. Sybil Christopher
15. Ye Wocheng
16. Lillian Mort
17. Trinity Leeds
18. Pietro Mennea
19. Ketchup Clouds
20. Sir Michael Wilshaw
21. Chinua Achebe

In Other News

1. What was the score in the 6 Nations decider – Wales v. England ( sob ) ?
2. How many hours a day does the average Brit spend watching TV according to figures released last week?
3. Who scored his 200th goal for Chelsea last week?
4. Which team won the Grand Slam in the women’s 6 Nations
5. Who won the Australian Grand Prix?
6. What was the score between Spurs and Fulham (sob) ?
7. What was the score between Everton and Man City?
8. Where was a plaque to Beatles John Lennon and George Harrison unveiled last week?
9. Which strain of flu was announced as becoming resistant to Tamiflu last week?
10. David Cameron announced that there will be a Royal Charter on what?
11. Which 92 year old TV actor passed away last week?
12. Who caused criticism for withdrawing from the England Football squad last week?
13. Who represented Britain at the Papal Inauguration last week?
14. Which long running show was announced as being axed by Channel Four last week?
15. Which measure was defeated in the Parliament of Cyprius last week?
16. Which former England star was banned for 20 months for drink driving?
17. Which toy company is building its first factory in China?
18. Christine Lagarde’s home in Paris was raided last week. why?
19. Which TV personality was re – arrested last week as part of a police investigation into sex abuse allegations?
20. Which author died aged 69 last week?
21. It was claimed last week that what has finally left the Solar system?
22. Tom Watson took which measure for the next Ryder Cup?
23. Who said she was taking a break from tennis, then swiftly changed her mind?
24. Who received a 3 week ban after being cited during the 6 nations matches last week?
25. Which member of the Royal Family suffered a stroke last week?
26. Who admitted a longstanding relationship with one of his accusers last week?
27. What date will the Scottish Independence vote take place?
28. Who rejected an offer to become manager of Reading FC last week?
29. Which team finally agreed a deal to move into the London 2012 Stadium?
30. What was announced as the most popular biscuit in the House of Commons last week?
31. The biggest zipline in the Northern Hemisphere was opened where last week?
32. Who is the new chairman of the FA?
33. What was the score in the England v. San Marino match?
34. What was the score between Wales and Scotland?
35. Who was awarded Player of the 6 Nations?

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