Saturday, 4 February 2012

This Week's News Questions

In the news – 4th Feb

Who or what are the following, and why are they in the news ?

1. Sir Philip Hampton
2. Spanair
3. Victoria Azarenka
4. Crawley Town
5. Robert Rock
6. Andy Thomson
7. Sea Ceptor
8. The Cathedral of Middlesex
9. Colin Tarrant
10. Hugo
11. Gary Dobson and David Norris
12. Kweku Adoboli
13. Slav Mitev
14. Wukan
15. Sutton St. James
16. HMS Dauntless
17. Ed Lester
18. Suzanne Greenaway
19. Top Totty
20. John Randall
21. K’Naan
22. Ed Davey
23. Jacques Brunel

In other news

1. Senior executives of which newspaper were arrested last week ?
2. Women’s Institute jam has gone on sale in which supermarket chain ?
3. Which organisation has halted operations in Syria ?
4. Who won Celebrity Big Brother 2012 ?
5. Disneyland has announced that it will at last allow employees to wear what ?
6. Who was voted the UK’s most influential standup ?
7. This is the Chinese year of the what ?
8. What was England’s score in the second innings of the 2nd test against Pakistan ?
9. Which Oscar winner was announced as having gained a role in Downton Abbey ?
10. Who will captain England in the Calcutta Cup ?
11. Which of the teaching unions has backed down on the pensions deal ?
12. In a survey – which was chosen as the saddest song of all time ?
13. A wax cylinder has been found , with a recording of the voice of which 19th century statesman ?
14. Djibril Cisse has moved to which Premier League club ?
15. What was the result of the Florida Primary ?
16. Which formula 1 driver was given a suspended sentence for a nightclub assault ?
17. Where will Adele be making her comeback performance ?
18. Who will be the guest star on the 500th episode of the Simpsons ?
19. Andy Murray has dropped out of the Davis Cup tie against which country ?
20. 73 people died in a football riot in which country ?
21. Which French politician was attacked with a flour bomb last week ?
22. Where did the Duke of Cambridge begin a tour of duty last week ?
23. A goose cull will take place on which lake ?
24. What was the UKs most borrowed book in 2011 ?
25. Which hugely respected boxing coach died last week ?
26. What caused consternation when it was found on a Royal Navy helicopter last week ?
27. With which offence has Chris Huhne been charged ?
28. A report says that cars of which colour are more likely to have hidden defects ?
29. Which two teams are contesting this weekend’s Superbowl ?
30. In tennis, which team did GB beat in the Federation Cup ?

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