Saturday, 18 February 2012

News Questions

In the news – 18th Feb

Who or what are the following, and why have they been in the news ?

1) Dan Evans
2) Jean Dujardin
3) Bakers
4) Kisses on the Bottom
5) Ian Ayre
6) Dave Pearson
7) Andrea Masi
8) Les Ebdon
9) Moodys
10) Ali Dizaei
11) Derek Chisora
12) Uggie
13) Craig Whyte
14) Synchronised
15) Reverend John Suddards
16) Caroline Spelman
17) Nigel Keer
18) Lee Clark
19) Aaron Large

In Other News

1) How old was Whitney Houston when she passed away ?
2) Whose newly finished lost symphony was premiered on Radio 3 ?
3) Which film won the BAFTA for Best Film ?
4) Who won the BAFTA for Best Actress ?
5) – and what did she lose on her way to the podium ?
6) What specifically were criticised by the National Trust last week ?
7) Which country won the African Cup of Nations ?
8) How many Grammys did Adele win ?
9) Which county council made headlines for replacing metal road signs with plastic ones in order to foil scrap metal thieves ?
10) According to figures released last week, how many drivers aged 100 or over are still driving in the UK ?
11) Who sang “I will Always Love You” as a tribute to Whitney Houston in the Grammys ?
12) Which company angered Venetians by revealing plans to build a megastore along the Gran Canale in Venice ?
13) Which monarch entered hospital for bypass surgery last week ?
14) A Belgian court refused to ban which book last week ?
15) Who returned to Man city last week ?
16) Which club threatened to go into Administration over a tax bill ?
17) Who scored 137 for England in the first ODI v. Pakistan ?
18) Cardiff Blues returned to play a game in which venue last week ?
19) British Olympic competitors had to sign an agreement preventing them from doing which 2 things ?
20) What did Barbara Hulaniki criticize last week ?
21) Where was it announced will become a caravan park during the Olympics ?
22) A manuscript by which composer was found in a council building ?
23) Where was it announced that Whitney Houston’s funeral would be held ?
24) Last week saw the 70th anniversary of the fall of which British garrison to the Japanese ?
25) Which country have GB been drawn against in the Fed Cup ?
26) How did actress Caroline Quentin describe the X-Factor last week ?
27) An advert for which series on Channel 4 was criticized last week ?
28) Prince Charles revealed last week that he is a supporter of which football team ?
29) Which team destroyed Arsenal 4 – 0 in the Champions League ?
30) Last week Alastair Cook became the first England captain to achieve which feat ?
31) Which University are facing a fine for over recruiting students ?
32) Whose trial date last week was set for March 2nd ?
33) Which welsh town was revealed last week as the most misspelled place in Britain ?
34) Which artist revealed his plans to build 500 eco homes ?
35) The new £5 coin commemorates the 100th anniversary of what ?
36) In which country was the world’s worst ever prison fire ?
37) Who signed a deal with Harper – Collins to write her story for a reported £2.5 million ?

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