Sunday, 12 February 2012

I'll have a P please, Simon

Have you been over to check out this week's Weaver's Week yet ? If you're not in the habit, it's a habit well worth acquiring. It's a good read, and they always have interesting news. Like the fact that Simon Mayo will be the presenter of the resurrected Blockbusters. He's done a few game and quiz shows in his time, and he's a safe enough pair of hands who won't offend anybody, I suppose. Personally as a DJ I find him a little bit bland, but then on his radio 2 show, but I guess that's precisely the quality that the producers are looking for.


drgaryegrant said...

Nooooo! It'll be like Dave Spikey's Bullseye ie identical in nearly every aspect to the original, but somehow nowhere near as good. I do think great quiz programmes of the 80s/90s should be left where they belong - as fond memories.
Except Fifteen To One of course - that should be brought back forthwith, as the big exception to that rule.
I do read Weavers Week most weeks,as it's full of fascinating nuggets, but can't recall him often discussing contestants' wardrobe choices. At least in the past. That pink shirt really was a mistake, wasn't it?

Londinius said...

You gotta wear what they want you to wear really. Be honest with you, if it was the only way I could have got on the show I'd have done it ina fig leaf and not a lot else. What a horrible thought.

drgaryegrant said...

Yes, to be fair, there's a visual image that will take some erasing!

Incidentally, I see at the bottom of his article that he's (somehow) got hold of Mastermind viewing figures - 2.35 million. A lot more than I thought, and not far off Uni Challenge. Maybe, just maybe you're right then - if it ain't broke, don't fix it! Pretty impressive given the scheduling cock-abouts it has been subject to (and not just this year either).