Saturday, 4 February 2012

Answers to last week's news questions

Here you go - this week's questions to follow later : -

Who or what are the following, and why have they been in the news ?

1. Laura Dekker
2. HMS Argyll
3. Michael Sata
4. Rosie the dog
5. Outside In
6. Theodora Dallas
7. Ekaterina Makerova
8. Sergei Polunin
9. Coryton
10. Andrew Miller
11. John Anslow
12. Michael Clair
13. Anthony Gardner
14. Andrew Farndon
15. Nicholas Shakespeare
16. Nigel Leat
17. Dr. John Magumba
18. Uggie
19. Stephen Hester
20. A Twinkling Star to A Passing Angel
21. Angelica Maria Cecora
22. Anthony Albanese
23. Steven Slevin
24. Jean Claude Mas
25. The Teodora
26. Liam Broady and Joshua Ward Hubbert
27. Rhys Thomas

In Other News

1. Who is the socialist candidate for the upcoming French presidential elections ?
2. What is the title of Jessie J’s number 1 single ?
3. Which writer made headlines by saying that he has no ‘twitter machine’ ?
4. Which newsreader revealed that her baby daughter has the name Clemency ?
5. Where is the UKs first marine energy park ?
6. In which state did Newt Gingrich defeat Mitt Romney in the Republican primary ?
7. Which US Congresswoman publically quit last week ?
8. Which former businessman’s long awaited trial began in the Old Bailey last week ?
9. Ofcom rejected complaints about Ricky Gervais’ use of which offensive word ?
10. Which venue is to show the film “Citizen Kane “ for the very first time ?
11. Which Man City player was heavily criticised for stamping on Scott Parker’s head in the game v. Tottenham ?
12. Who is the New Chancellor of Portsmouth University ?
13. Whose statue was unveiled in Barnsley ?
14. How many Oscar nominations doe the nomination for The Iron Lady make it for Meryl Streep now ?
15. Which museum unveiled plans to move into the building which was formerly home to the Commonwealth Institute
16. Which team won the Stanley Cup ?
17. Britain’s debt has broken which barrier for the first time ?
18. Which football club last week were served with a winding up tax bill ?
19. Who knocked world number 1 Caroline Wozniacki out of the Australian Open ?
20. Plans were revealed last week to sell which RAF airfield ?
21. Which former cabinet minister last week said that Ed Miliband was struggling ?
22. Who was attacked last week in an Aboriginal Rights protest ?
23. What did Newt Gingrich promise to build if he becomes President of the USA ?
24. Who said last week that he writes like a two year old ?
25. Who faced criticism for saying that the state has no right to legalise marriage between gay couples ?
26. What surfaced briefly on ebay following the afore mentioned scuffle in an aboriginal rights protest ?
27. Waterstones are set to open a bookstore catering for which language in their flagship shop in Piccadilly ?
28. Who pretends to be Richard Branson in the current adverts for Virgin ?
29. Who is the Hat Person of the Year ?
30. Which country has apologised for deporting jews during the Holocaust ?
31. Which footballer has received a death threat in the form of a bullet being sent to him ?

1. 16 year old dutch girl who will not be recognised as youngest person to sail around the world by the Guinness book, despite the fact that she is.
2. Royal Navy ship that joined the western flotilla in the Straits of Hormuz
3. The Victoria Station sweeper who has become the president of Zambia
4. The dog in whose name Harry Redknapp opened a bank account .
5. Memoirs of Peter Hain
6. Juror jailed for 6 months for contempt of court for doing online research into defendant
7. She knocked Serena Williams out of the Australian Open
8. 21 year old lead dancer who has quit the Royal Ballet with no warning
9. Oil refinery which has stopped deliveries after the company went into admin
10. Writer of Pure – the Costa Book of the Year
11. Dangerous escaped prisoner ( 1st )
12. US Dentist who used paper clips for root canals to save money
13. Crystal Palace player whose own goal put Cardiff City into the Carling Cup Final
14. 2nd escaped prisoner – freed with armed help – arrested in Scotland
15. He was misquoted by Francois Hollande, who said that a quote he used was by William Shakespeare
16. Teacher who abused children for 14 years, despite his colleagues having reported concerns
17. Cleric who performed 28 bogus weddings
18. The canine star of the film “The Artist” who has ‘announced’ his plans to retire
19. The Boos of RBS who has been awarded a nearly £1 million bonus
20. A ‘new’ Abba song to be released
21. She is suing Oscar de la Hoya for Assault
22. Australian Minister who has been accused of using a speech from The American President for one of his own
23. He was awarded $22 million in damages after American police put him in solitary for a driving offence, and forgot about him for 2 and a half years.
24. Head of PIP who has been charged in France
25. The world’s biggest cut emerald – auctioned in Canada
26. British players who won the Boys’ doubles at the Australian Open
27. Welsh prop forward who has undergone heart surgery

In Other News

1. Fran├žois Hollande
2. Domino
3. Tom Stoppard
4. Kate Silverton
5. South West England
6. South Carolina
7. Gabrielle Giffords
8. Asil Nadir
9. Mong
10. San Simeon ( William Hearst’s Castle )
11. Mario Balotelli
12. Sandie Toksvig
13. Dickie Bird
14. 17
15. The Design Museum
16. Boston Bruins
17. £1 trillion
18. Portsmouth FC
19. Kim Clijsters
20. RAF Northolt
21. Lord Mandelson
22. Julia Gillard
23. A moon colony
24. Julia Gillard’s shoe
25. Harry Redknapp
26. John Sentamu – Archbishop of York
27. Russian
28. Usain Bolt
29. The Duchess of Cambridge
30. Norway
31. Anton Ferdinand

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