Saturday, 25 February 2012

News Questions

News 25th Feb 2012

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1. Abdulaziz A-Hiiji
2. Jean Claude Baumgartner
3. Christian Wulff
4. Johan-Friso of the Netherlands
5. Mervyn Westfield
6. The Death of Leon Klinghoffer
7. Hoy Hill
8. Schmallenberg Virus
9. Stephen Farrow
10. Heidi Thomas
11. Petr Skyllberg
13. Skye Gyngell
14. Zach Avery
15. Peter Rippington
16. Derek Thompson
17. June Hautot
18. Ed Sheeran
19. Madamoiselle
20. Edinburgh Woollen Mills
21. Marie Colvin
22. Nikki Sinclare
23. Eric Joyce
24. Emma Harrison
25. Christopher Tappin

In Other News

1. Which MP asked the official portrait painter to paint him looking a little taller ?
2. Heston Blumenthal will be making hot cross buns for Waitrose using which flavor ?
3. Which European politician admitted that David Cameron was right to veto the Euro Treaty ?
4. In which two team events did GB win gold medals in the Olympic Velodrome test event ?
5. Administrators were called in to which film studios last week ?
6. Which team knocked Arsenal out of the FA Cup ?
7. Who is the new manager of Leeds Utd ?
8. Which former cabinet minister in the Heath Government passed away last week ?
9. Which two events at the Olympic test event were won by Sir Chris Hoy ?
10. Which lowly team drew in the FA Cup with Spurs last week ?
11. Who won the Welsh Open Snooker title ?
12. The first test tube what was created last week ?
13. What did a survey reveal to be the healthiest city in the UK last week ?
14. Team which scored 3 own goals v. Liverpool in FA Cup last week ?
15. What went wrong with the Brighton half Marathon ?
16. Who called the BBC a “Declining Empire “ ?
17. Which filesharing website has been declared illegal in the UK ?
18. Which country announced it will be officially free of polio by next year ?
19. Which boxer is facing an enquiry over his admission that he has gone easy on opponents in fights in order to help his family win bets ?
20. Which BBC set will be used as temporary housing ?
21. Who won the Brits for Best Female and Best Album ?
22. Who announced profits of £2.4 billion ?
23. Which comedian passed away aged 85 ?
24. To whom did Adele gesture with her middle finger when her acceptance speech at the Brits was cut short ?
25. ITV news apologized last week for using which word during a report ?
26. Man City beat which team 4 – 0 in the Europa League ?
27. Which popular TV presenter was hurt when she fell from a horse last week ?
28. The US Supreme Court rejected whose appeal against his murder conviction last week ?
29. An inquest into whose death finally opened in Australia last week ?
30. JK Rowling announced that she has signed a deal to write what ?
31. Who plays the Queen in a new TV drama based on the Michael Fagan intrusion incident in the 80s ?
32. Where did the new Blue Peter garden open last week ?
33. Who opened it officially ?
34. Man Utd were beaten 2 – 1 by which team in the Europa League ?
35. Which university’s Conservative association has been stripped of its recognition over an unpaid bill ?
36. Which airline asked a kidney patient to pay for a seat for his dialysis machine ?

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