Saturday, 11 February 2012

News Questions

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1. Diamante Beach Hotel – Calpe
2. Joey Barton
3. MP4 27
4. Guerilla of Time
5. Leigh Halfpenny
6. Homs
7. Hannah Clayton
8. Lord Bannside
9. New York Giants
10. M.I.A.
11. Alberto Contador
12. Bradley Davies
13. Stephen Ferris
14. Florence Green
15. Mohammed Nasheed
16. Socks
17. Edie Richie and Evie Middleton
18. Rick Santorum
19. Matt Topham and Casey Charrington
20. Bridge End Inn, Ruabon
21. Baltasar Garzón
22. Jean Paul Guerlain
23. Mary Ann Ochota

In Other News

1. Which two countries vetoed the UN rebuke to Syria ?
2. Which country have reused aid from the UK ?
3. Which sculptor created the London 2012 Orbit Tower – unveiled last week ?
4. In the 6 nations which was the only country to win at home last weekend ?
5. Who was voted the favourite Dickens character of all time ?
6. Which South American president pledged his readiness to go to war with the UK over the Falklands ?
7. Which team knocked Rangers out of the Scottish Cup ?
8. Where will England play against Italy in the 6 Nations this weekend ?
9. Which make of car was revealed to be both the most reliable new and the most reliable used car?
10. What is the first name of Amanda Holden’s baby ?
11. Which is the first town in Wales to become an official ‘bilingual town’ ?
12. Who won the Republican Primary in Nevada ?
13. What was named the most read children’s book last week ?
14. Who was the headline act in the halftime show at the Superbowl ?
15. Whom did Karl Lagerfeld call fat last week ?
16. Who is the ‘Oldie of the Year ‘ ?
17. Who retired from international rugby following last week’s Calcutta Cup match ?
18. After whom has Argentina named its current domestic football season ?
19. What is the name of Millie Dowler’s killer who has been refused permission to appeal against his sentence ?
20. Kimi Raikonen is returning to formula One with which team ?
21. Who received a £40,000 pay out over phone hacking last week ?
22. Who won the joke of the year ?
23. Who was acquitted of tax evasion ?
24. Which tennis prodigy of years gone by claimed that her parents cheated her out of her fortune ?
25. Which two teams won the semi finals of the African Cup of Nations ?
26. How long did last week’s eruption of Mt. Etna last ?
27. Which artist was fined for drunk driving in possession of amphetamines ?
28. Who denied that she had let Piers Morgan listen to her voicemail ?
29. Who is the England football team’s caretaker manager ?
30. Which Grand National winning trainer passed away last week ?
31. Which actress will play Princess Diana in the new movie “Caught in Flight “ ?
32. Which British actor has quit his hit US show after 8 years ?
33. Which supermarket chain has been criticised for stocking Monsanto GM foods ?
34. Who admitted eating wolf stew while making his latest movie ?

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