Sunday, 21 December 2014

In The News

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

Ben Haenow
Clara Amfo
Sebastien Chenu
Devon Alexander
Gemma Steel
Kerry Smith
Rolene Strauss
Man Haron Monis
Anthony Small
Chris Denning
Steve Hanson
Imitiaz Dharkar
Libby Lane
The Interview
Michael Garcia
Jazz Carlin
Georgie Thompson

In Other News

Who finished 5th, and then who finished 4th in Strictly?
Who was the surprise viewers choice for Sports Personality of the Year?
Who came third?
Where did a Magical Wonderland open on Weds 13th, close Thurs 14th, reopen Fri 15th, then close for good a couple of days later?
Whose time capsule was discovered in Massachussetts?
Where was the UN climate deal struck?
What was the score between Man Utd and Liverpool?
– and Spurs and Swansea?
In Sports Personality – who was Coach of the year?
– and Overseas Personality ?
– and Young Personality?
– and Team of the Year?
Which organization has objected to planning permission being given to the London Garden Bridge project?
Which owner accepted an FA misconduct charge over anti semitic and racist comments?
An Ofcom investigation is looking into whether Radio 4’s Today programme promoted the use of what?
After a go slow protest, France is promising to ban which App?
Which European country underwent a General Strike?
In which city did the appalling Taliban school massacre take place?
Who was awarded the title King of Comedy at the British Comedy Awards?
Capital One Cup ¼ finals – what was the score between Chelsea and Derby?
– and Sheffield United and Southampton?
– and Liverpool and Bournemouth?
– and Newcastle Utd and Spurs?
Which formula 1 team found 20 trophies which had been stolen from its HQ in a lake in Berkshire?
USA is to restore diplomatic ties with which country?
Which organization has been removed from the EU list of terrorist organisations?
Which family have been removed from Gogglebox after father Michael announced that he wishes to stand as a UKIP General Election candidate?
An EU court ruled that in some cases, what can be seen as a disability?
Which longstanding celebrity couple married on 21st December?
A public urinal in which city has been given grade II listed status?
Which England second row forward has been ruled out of the 6 Nations with injury?
Who was reappointed to the job of Chief Executive of F1?

Who actually won Strictly Come Dancing?

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