Friday, 5 December 2014

Answers to News Questions

In the news

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

Craig Beevers
Goncheh Ghavani
Grey Power
Tony Bellew
Chuck Hagel
Marion Barry
Katie Taylor
Anthony Noto
Kim Sears
‘Mad’ Frankie Fraser
Isaac Andrews
Jean Eric Vergne
Harriet Green
Moeen Ali
Mr. Justice Mitling
Sean Abbott
Jamie Cooper-Hohn
Toby Rowland
James Watson
Susie Wolff

In Other News

Who is the world F1 driver’s champion?
The government officially abandoned their target on what?
To whom did Max Moseley offer £1 million?
Which film won children’s BAFTA for best film?
Which country won the Davis Cup final?
Where was the last Grand Prix of the season held?
How many races did Lewis Hamilton win this season?
What was the result of England v. Germany in women’s football?
– and Ireland v. Australia in rugby?
– and England v. Samoa?
– and Wales v. New Zealand?
– and Scotland v. Tonga?
And France v. Argentina?
Who was the latest out of Strictly?
A Christmas Wonderland attraction designed by Laurence Llewellyn Bowen fell foul of visitors, and was closed after one day last week. Where?
What was the score between Arsenal and Man Utd.?
Who won the Golf DP World Tour Championship?
Which museum, is taking on the task of reuniting the Munich Nazi art hoard with its rightful owners?
In which city was a baby found dumped in a storm drain?
Which organisation condemned the decision to present Tony Blair with a Global Legacy award?
Which controversial TV show, in the news in October, is to be screened on the BBC during the Christmas period?
Who admitted he takes his kids to A and E rather than to his GP?
Which article from the film Casablanca sold for £1.9 million at auction?
What was the Champions League score between Man City and Bayern Munich?
– and Chelsea and Schalke?
Who scored a record breaking 72nd champions league goal?
Which multinational firm announced they will not be renewing sponsorship deals with FIFA?
Which rare book was discovered in a library in St. Omer?
Who are the two favourites on the short list for BBC Sports Personality Of The Year?
What was the Champions League score between Arsenal and Dotrmund?
– and Liverpool and Ludogerets?
Joan Collins announced what about her first husband Maxwell Reed?
Who received a lifetime achievement award from Equestrian sport’s governing body?
Which famous author passed away aged 94?
Which work will be broadcast in a 10 hour production on New Year’s day on Radio 4?
Counterfeiters from Italy were able to put what into circulation in Germany?
What was the Europa League score between Everton and Wolfsburg?
– and Spurs and Partizan Belgrade?
– and Celtic and Salzburg?
Who formally announced that he will stand for IAAF president when Lamine Diack steps down?
In a protest, what did French farmers release to wander around beneath the Eiffel Tower last week?
Who quit his job with Aston Villa?


Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

New British World Scrabble Champion
‘Volleyball’ protestor freed in Iran while appeal is conducted
Boat in which Sir Robin Knox Johnston placed third in Route du Rhum yacht race
Boxer who defeated Nathan Cleverly in their rematch
US Defence Secretary stepped down
Disgraced former mayor of Washington DC passed away
Irish boxer who won her 5th consecutive world title
New coca cola ‘super milk’ to go on sale in USA
Twitter financial officer who accidentally sent out a confidential email to all 9000 of his followers
English village which was hoaxed into thinking that William Shatner was coming to switch on their Christmas lights
Became engaged to Andy Murray
Violent criminal passed away aged 90
11 year old boy who will play the voice of God in Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings
Driver who quite the Toro Rosso F1 team
CEO who left Thomas Cook
Bowler who hit 119 opening for England in the ODI v. Sri Lanka
Ruled against Andrew Mitchell in the ‘plebgate’ hearing
Bowler who bowled ball that injured the late Phil Hughes
Awarded highest ever divorce settlement in the UK £337million
Plebgate pC
Discoverer of shape of DNA to sell Nobel medal to donate money to scientific research
Promoted to official test driver for Williams for 2015

In Other News

Lewis Hamilton
Reducing Migration
The Labour party
The Lego Movie
Switzerland bt France
Abu Dhabi
3 – 0 Germany
26 – 23 Ireland
28 – 9 England
34 – 16 NZ
27 – 12 Scotland
18 – 13 Argentina
Steve Backshall
The Belfry Golf Course
2 – 1 Man Utd.
Henrik Stenson
Bern Museum
Save the Children
The Top Gear Argentina special
Jeremy Hunt
Sam’s piano ( Dooley Wilson – Sam – just mimed playing it. He was a singer, not a piano player)
3 – 2 Man City
5- 0 Chelsea
Lionel Messi
A copy of the First Folio of Shakespeare’s plays
Rory McIlroy and Lewis Hamilton
2 – 0 Dortmund
2 – 2
She says that he raped her when she was 17 and she married him out of guilt for it
The Queen
P D James
War and Peace
300 Euro notes (these don’t exist)
2 – 0 Everton
1 – 0 Spurs
3 – 1 Salzburg
Lord Coe – he will probably face competition from Sergei Bubka

Roy Keane

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