Saturday, 13 December 2014

In The News

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news in December?

Darren Wilson
These Days
Cressida Dick
It for Others
Stephanie Roche
Massimo Cellino
Myles Bradbury
Olivia Smart and Joe Buckland
Louise Burns
Girl Online
Overgate Centre, Dundee
Stegosaurus Sterops
Adam Peaty
Mark Pritchard
Daniel Anrig
Davy Russell and Phillip Enright
Richard Hollingworth
Zoe Suggs
Sky Swing
Mohammad Hafeez
Nigel Mills
Baroness Jenkin
Ross Taylor
Jeannette Traverso
Heather Cho
Roger Bird
Kailash Satyarthi
Paul Rosalie
Scot Young

In Other News

Who said she had delivered s House of Commons speech loaded with smutty innuendo for a dare?
Where was the world’s largest Christmas tree unveiled?
Who will provide the voice of Colonel K in the new Danger Mouse?
Which former African leader was cleared of all charges?
What was the score in the Autumn RU international between Australia and England?
And Wales and South Africa?
Who is the British Heavyweight champion?
Who much did shoppers spend in the UK on Black Friday?
What is the most popular boy’s name in the UK for newborn babies?
– and for girls?
Who announced he will stand down at the next election?
Which city was given the UNESCO city of Design award?
Which 3 players were shortlisted for FIFA world player of the year?
Who is to appear in a one off Downton Abbey sketch
Whose term as President of the European Council is coming to an end?
Who was investigated by the FA for an alleged anti semitic tweet?
Name the captain of the Costa Concordia on trial for manslaughter?
Chris Froome announced what last week?
Which Lego set will not be available in shops until January?
Which actor turned up drunk and obscene for a Holocaust Poetry Recital?
Who lost their appeals over their convictions for the murder of Lee Rigby?
Planning permission has been granted for what over the Thames?
Which former party leader passed away aged 85?
There have been allegations on German Tv over a systematic athletics doping programme in which country?
Why was Alastair Cook banned for one match following the 3rd ODI?
Where did the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit?
Which bridge celebrated its 150th anniversary?
Where was a video of the making of the Band Aid 30th anniversary single projected?
Nigel Farage used which excuse for being two hours late for an appointment in Wales?
What was the score between Stoke and Arsenal?
– and in the final of the UK Snooker championship?
Which ‘funny’ Christmas card did Clinton’s withdraw from their stores?
Why was the Shrien Dewani murder case dismissed?
Why were Gambian Diplomats jailed in the UK last week?
What was the score between Man Utd and Southampton?
Which actress celebrated her 80th birthday last week?
Who posted Daily Mail journalist Neil Sear’s phone number on Twitter?
Which DJ was rrested over alleged sexual assaults
Who fell off his chair during the Royal Albert Hall tennis exhibitions?
Which institution obtained memorabilia from the estate of Sir Patrick Moore?
Who bought James Watson’s nobel Prize medal so that he could give it back to him?
Which famous illustration sold for £300,000?
Which Hollywood couple confirmed they have split?
What was the Champs league score between Liverpool and Basel?
– and Arsenal and Galatasaray?
– and Man City and Roma?
– and Chelsea and Sporting Lisbon?
Who joined Ospreys from racing Metro?
Who did Angeszka Radwanska appoint her coach?
Who is to have a Lifetime Achievement award in SPOTY?
Why has the Brighton beach Christmas Day swim been officially cancelled?
Who was suspended for verbally abusing Leicester’s Richard Cockerill?
Who or what are Time Magazine’s Person of the Year?
Which area of London has been dubbed Britain’s most normal place?
Who stood down from attempt to become UKIP candidate
Which organization apologized for abuse of children during their time in the movement?
Which club were suspended from all football activity by the FA over ownership problems?
Who signed a new 1 year contract with McLaren F1
Who gave birth to twins Gabrielle and Jacques?
What was the score between Spurs and Besiktas?
And Dinamo Zagreb and Celtic?
And Everton and Krasnodar?
The wife of which politician will be a Booker Prize judge next year?
Whose statue was reinstalled in Morecambe Bay?
Which bird was found to be closest relative to dinosaurs?
What was the score in the Varsity rugby match?

Who became Asia’s first ever world number 1 snooker player?

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