Saturday, 20 September 2014

LAM Podcast 11

In this week's podcast: -

Questions on the Olympic Summer Games
Talking Points on University Challenge, Mastermind and that Slump
The Hall of Shame
The Verdict on Revenge of the Egghead
The Court of Public Opinion
Answers to last week's questions


Ben Dutton said...

Perfection is a fun little 20 minute show extended to a bloated 45 minutes. When I watch it, it's on fast forward to the questions, fast forward through the usual suspects chat to the answers and so on. It might not be one of the quizzing greats, but it's not risible in the way so many shows are. My verdict; keep out of the Hall. Though feel free to put the FAQ in!

Unknown said...

I vote for it to go in.

Londinius said...

Votes duly noted, and thank you gentlemen.