Saturday, 27 September 2014

In The News

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

Ashraf Ghani
The Cheesegrater
Tommy Mattinson
Druridge Bay Northumberland
Angus Lennie
Scenic Railway
Christopher Rebrasse
Giles Scott
Omar Gonzalez
The Endless River
Gala Leon Garcia
Theo Zwanziger
Aaron Cruden
Delphine Boel
The Crocodile Under the Bed
Leo Bonten
Hervé Goudel
The Dowager duchess of Devonshire
Eric Holder
Russell Slade

In Other News

In a survey, which brand, making headlines for other reasons this week – was rated the coolest in Britain?
What was the score between Man city and Chelsea?
– and Leicester and Man Utd?
Who won the Singapore GP?
In Edinburgh, who was it confirmed was not pregnant?
Which family are shifting their wealth from fossil fuels to clean energy?
Who is to become the new Chancellor of Falmouth University?
Which musical has the highest box office of any production in any entertainment medium?
By how much did Tesco overstate their expected profits
Labour promised which new tax to fund the NHS?
Which two countries were the most notable absentees from the UN climate Change summit
Spain were relegated in the Davis Cup following defeat by which country?
Who has become the highest paid hip hop artist?
David Mitchell made an outspoken attack on which online retailer?
In which city did the Labour Party Conference take place?
The party received criticism for using which security firm?
Who was convicted of one count of indecent assault, but avoided a prison sentence?
Which actor addressed the UN summit on climate change?
What is the denomination of the new Euro note designed to foil counterfeitors?
What was the score between Arsenal and Southampton in the Capital One Cup?
– and Swansea and Everton?
– and Man City and Sheffield Wednesday
– and Spurs and Nottingham Forest?
What was the score in the penalty shootout between Liverpool and Middlesbrough?
David Cameron apologized for saying the Queen did what when he rang with the Scottish referendum results?
A survey revealed that Brits are most nostalgic about which 80s toy?
In Kansas, October has been designated the official month to prepare for what?
Who is going to host Channel 4’s 2015 Election coverage?
A special edition of Mastermind focusing on what took place ?
Who was acquitted in a court in Jordan?
What begins on the London Underground next year in September?
Which country successfully put a satellite in orbit around Mars?
Who was appointed England cricket captain for the T20 world cup?
Who won gold in the men’s road time trial world championship?
Which actor ran 144 laps around a museum in Amsterdam?
Which sport’s governing body has voted to allow mixed teams in competition?
What was the result of the commons vote on bombing Isis?
In which city is George Clooney getting married?
Who left the BBC Today programme?
Which famous racing trainer passed away?
Which country have introduced plain cigarette packaging?

Which county were relegated after drawing their last match with Middlesex?

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