Saturday, 13 September 2014

LAM Podcast 10

In this week's podcast: -

Questions on Kings and Queens
Talking points on UC - Mastermind and Only Connect
The Hall of Shame
The Court of Public Opinion
Answers to last week's questions


Unknown said...

I vote for Revenge of the Egghead to be admitted in.

I know its all put on (well I hope it is), but I just can't get on with CJ's antics on the show. Hence I avoided watching it, irrespective of the quality of the questions.

Or maybe the quality of the questions didn't enable me to overlook CJ. Anyway I've made my choice.

Ben Dutton said...

I though Revenge quite entertaining. Not as a quiz show mind, but for CJs antics. He is a marmite character as you say, and I think he's great entertainment. The quiz part itself was mediocre, but they did have some good questions, and in appreciated that the bulk of the questions weren't multiple choice. For me multiple choice questions take any real knowledge out of the game, it simply becomes pin the tail on the donkey questioning. As such, I don't think it merits inclusion.