Friday, 5 September 2014

Answers to News Questions

In the News

Who or what are the following, and why have they been in the news?

Carol Mills
Paul Collingwood
Sean Foley
Iain Watters and Diana Beard
William Pooley
Uxbridge and South Ruislip
Abdel Majid Abdel Bary
Steven Moffat
Angel di Maria
Helen and Maurice Kaye
Neil Young
Peter Theo Curtis
Charles Vacca
Kamla Devi
Sir Gerald Howarth
Joan Rivers
Douglas Carswell
KSC Lokeren
Ashya King
Jim Murphy
Outlaw Pete

In Other News

How old was Lord Attenborough, who passed away last week?
Nick Clegg visited which country to promote trade?
Which clergyman began a week long fast and vigil for world peace?
Where did Kate Bush kick off her 22 night residency last week?
Due to a price crash, which drug can now be prescribed on the NHS to any men who need it?
An Earthquake struck the northern coast of which state?
How was Lewis Hamilton forced out of the Belgian GP?
In which rarely run event did Mo Farah beat Steve Ovett’s 36 year old British Record?
What was the score in the Rugby League Challenge Cup final?
A mint condition issue of Action Comics 1- featuring Superman’s debut – sold for a world record on ebay. How much?
Who, rather surprisingly, spoke out about his dislike of manufactured boy bands?
What was the score in the Man City v. Liverpool match?
Which team added to Louis Van Gaal’s woes by inflicting a humiliating defeat on Man Utd. in the Capital One Cup?
Francois Hollande announced the new French Government. How many Governments does this make during his presidency so far?
What did the BSI introduce last week?
Which dish caused all the furore over The Great British Bake Off last week?
Which team knocked premier league Leicester out of the Capital One Cup?
 – and QPR?
Which 106 cap veteran announced his international retirement last week?
What was the score between Arsenal and Besiktas?
Who was named as ‘new’ manager of Crystal Palace?
Where did the second ODI between India and England take place?
Apple announced that they would release what on 9th September?
Which 3 members of the Friends cast reunited for a ‘Friends’ sketch – and on whose show?
Which Hollywood couple tied the knot?
Which team did Spurs beat in the Europa League?
To whom did the Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police apologise last week?

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

Speaker John Bercow’s controversial choice for Clerk of the House of Commons
Icelandic volcano erupting, no ash cloud as yet.
Captain of Durham county cricket club, signed a new one year deal, putting off retirement
Coach from whom Tiger Woods has split
The two bakers in the Great British Bake Off bingate controversy
first Briton to contract Ebola virus
The constituency that Boris Johnson will contest in the next general election
Reported as being a suspect in the beheading of James Foley
TV Writer who ahd a great week – his first episode of Pete Capaldi’s Doctor Who played to excellent reviews, and he won the Emmy for outstanding writing for “Sherlock – His Last Bow”
Player for whom Man Utd. paid Real Madrid a British record of £59.7million
Couple who celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary
Spanish retailer who dropped a child’s shirt after criticism that the striped top with a yellow star looked like clothes holocaust victims had worn in the concentration camps
Musician who filed for divorce from his wife Pegi after 36 years
Journalist freed from captivity by Islamic militant extremist group
Machine gun instructor accidentally killed by 9 year old he was teaching
Woman who was attacked by a leopard, and managed to kill it despite sustaining severe injuries
Conservative MP accused of creating racial tension by saying that ‘Enoch Powell was right’ about his rivers of blood speech.
In a coma following a throat operation
Conservative MP announced his defection to UKIP
Belgian side who knocked Hull out of the Europa League
3 year old from West Midlands who became an internet sensation after using F word while taking ice bucket challenge
Seriously ill boy taken out of Southampton General Hospital by parents
Scottish MP egged while making appearences against Yes vote
Book by Bruce Springsteen due for publication

In Other news

Johan Sentamu, Archibishop of York
Hammersmith Apollo
Taken out by team mate Nico Rosberg deliberately ‘shutting the door’
2 miles
Leeds 23 – Castleford 10
$3.2 million
Simon Cowell
3 – 1 Man City
MK Dons
Digital Kitemark
Baked Alaska
Burton Albion
Frank Lampard
1 – 0 Arsenal
Neil Warnock
iphone 6
Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox-Arquette and Lisa Kudrow reunited on Jimmy Kimmel’s show
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
AEK Limassol

victims of the Rotherham child sex scandal

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