Friday, 26 September 2014

Answers to News Questions

In The News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

Justin Roberts
Tony Mangan
Alan Henning
David Haines
Ryan Adams
Tiffany Porter
Dylan Van Baarle
Lucas di Grassi
Oscar Groening
Jerome Champagne
Bob Dyer
Shaun Wright
Married At First Sight
Ruth Atkins
Chuck Feeney
John Cantlie
Sonia Powell
Felix Magath
Jens Voigt

In Other News

Which road bridge celebrated its half century last week?
How many people set a record for the most number of people dressing in Regency costume in Bath?
What was the score between Chelsea and Swansea?
– and Arsenal and Man City?
– and Aston Villa and Liverpool?
Who did Floyd Mayweather defeat in the 12th round of their world championship return bout?
Which golfer nearly lost an arm in a chainsaw accident?
Who won the San Marino Moto GP?
Which world leader was spending last week in a tent?
What became the Tate’s most popular exhibition in its history?
Crimewatch is thirty years old. In round numbers, how many crimes has it solved?
Who announced his first album and tour since the mid 70s?
What is the title of the next Toy Story Movie?
It was announced that the Guildhall School of Music and Drama are to offer their first course in what?
What was the Champions League score between Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund?
– and Liverpool and Ludogorets Razgrad?
Everton FC have been given the green light for a new stadium in which location?
Which embarrassing occurrence befell the Columbian women’s cycling team?
Who was reappointed Pakistan’s T20 captain 3 years after getting the sack?
Who had to apologise for calling US moneylenders Shylocks?
Which actress is playing Hamlet on stage in Manchester?
Who will be the new voice of Danger Mouse?
Who is the famous sitter for the finalists in the Sky Arts portrait artist of the year competition?
Which companies have been commissioned to build NASAs next manned space vehicle to transport astronauts to the ISS?
Londoners are to be charged £10 to watch what in December?
Which type of architecture features on a new set of Royal Mail stamps?
What was the Champions League score between Man City and Bayern Munich?
– and Chelsea and Schalke?
The RFU apologized for using what design on their England kit?
Name the Yorkshire cricket captain charged by the England and Wales cricket board of offenses with racial connotations
What was the % turnout in the Scottish referendum vote?
Which veteran country singer passed away?
Which historic decision did the R and A golf club reach?
Who had to return a £16,000 watch to the Brazilian FA, having had no idea of the value of the gift?
Who quite as manager of Port Vale?
In the Europa League, what was the score between Spurs and Partizan Belgrade?
– and Everton and Wolfsburg?
 – and Celtic and Salzburg?
Who left Cardiff City last week?
Which stadium will host the final of the Euro 2020 tournament?
GB has been drawn to face which country in the Davis Cup?


Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

Man charged with the New Forest stabbing
Man who completed a 4 year run around the world
Salford taxi driver and aid worker under threat from Isis
British man tragically murdered by Isis
Musician who played the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games
Broke the British women’s 100m hurdles record, previously held by Jessica Ennis-Hill
Winner of the Tour of Britain
Winner of the first ever Formula E grand prix for electric powered cars
93 year old man charged with 300000 counts of accessory to murder, from his time as a guard in Auschwitz
French man who has announced he will stand against Sepp Blatter for president of FIFA
App against which injunctions have been lifted in parts of Europe
Ironically won the title Embalmer of the Year
Rotherham Police and Crime Commissioner resigned
Controversial show on which people marry total strangers, which has found that many couples are dropping out at the last moment.
1st volunteer to test the Ebola virus
US billionaire donating $25 million to education in Northern Ireland
3rd British hostage to be forced to plead for life on video
Welsh grandmother who died while waiting in an ambulance.
Manager of Fulham sacked last week.
Great cyclist who broke the world hour record with his last ever professional ride

In Other News

The Forth Road Bridge
4 – 2 Chelsea
2 – 2
1 – 0 Villa
Marcos Maidana
Greg Norman
Valentino Rossi
Tony Abbot of Australia
Matisse’s cut outs
Yusuf Islam
Toy Story That Time Forgot
Dortmund 2 – Arsenal 0
Liverpool 2 – Ludogorets 1
Walton Hall Park, Liverpool
They were ordered to change their kit, since it is partly flesh coloured and has been ruled indecent by the UCI
Shahid Afridi
Joe Biden
Maxine Peake
Alexander Armstrong
Sir Ian McKellern
Boeing and SpaceX
The New Year Fireworks (January strictly speaking, I suppose)
UK Seaside Architecture
1 – 0 Bayern
1 – 1
Victoria Cross
Andrew Gale
George Hamilton IV
To allow women members
Greg Dyke
Mickey Adams
0 – 0
4 – 1 Everton
2 – 2
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

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