Friday, 12 September 2014

Answers to News Questions

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?        

Samantha Murray
Rona Fairchild
Hashim Khan
Beppe Sannino
HMS Illustrious
The Deposition
Uxbridge and South Ruislip
John Sweeney
Charles Bronson
Kevin Sinfield
Stephen Sotloff
How Watson Learned the Trick
James Simpson-Daniel
Jack Durand
May Myat Noe
Brett and Nayhmeh King
Woolwich Central
William Pooley
Nairo Quintana
Andrew Gale
David Lammy
Palmira Silva
Kell Brook

In Other News

It was announced that who will face a retrial
29 trapped coal miners were rescued from a mine in which country?
Where did Barack Obama go after the NATO summit to cross an item off his bucket list?
Who have threatened to disrupt this year’s Oktoberfest by going on strike?
A 17 volume dictionary of which language specifically has been finally completed after 100 years of work?
Who became the first artist to have 8 albums in the UK albums chart simultaneously?
Which of Sir Bob Geldof’s daughters revealed that she had suffered from depression from the age of 11?
What was the score in the Spurs v. Liverpool match?
Which cricket team did Zimbabwe defeat for the first time ever last week?
What was the score in the Chelsea v. Everton match last week?
Which famous author called for Amazon to pay tax?
It was decided last week that new species could be scientifically named in which language?
The Wedgewood Collection was due to be possibly sold abroad unless how much money could be raised last week?
Which prison was deemed unsafe and filthy?
Which singer was charged with drunk driving and assault?
Which high ranking police officer was censured by a tribunal for failing to apologise for the way that a black WPC was treated with racial and sexual discrimination?
Which bad news did Luke Donald receive last week?
Name Paul McGinley’s three wild card picks for the Ryder Cup
Danny Welbeck signed for which club?
What was the score in the England v. Norway friendly football match?
How old was Joan Rivers when she passed away last week?
Which children’s novel celebrated its 50th birthday last week?
Which team defeated world champions Germany 4 – 2 in a friendly last week?
Where was a roman jewellery hoard found ?
Which company are refunding $19 million to parents for purchases that kids made on their apps?
The Church is unhappy with worshippers in Venezuela. Why?
Who knocked Andy Murray out of the US open?
Which show set a world record for the most series broadcast for a gameshow?
Which country refused the Dalai Lama a visa for a visit last week?
Coventry City have returned to which venue?
Which British and Irish  Lion rejoined Leinster last week?


Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

New British world Modern Pentathlon champion
New Chair of the BBC Trust
Legendary squash player who passed away
Resigned as Manager of Watford FC
Royal Navy Aircraft Carrier which was decommissioned
Painting by Raphael in a Rome art gallery which has warped due to the fact that the museum have been unable to use their air conditioning
Parliamentary constituency – two weeks ago Boris Johnson announced he was a candidate for the seat, now he faces a challenge from James Cracknell
Panorama reporter who doorstepped Putin
Renowned Hard Man prisoner given two years extra on sentence for getting governor in a headlock
Leeds Rugby League player who has retired from international rugby
British record transfer joined Man Utd.
Journalist beheaded by jihadis
World War I real life warhorse posthumously awarded animal VC
Sherlock Holmes story written for Queen Mary’s Doll House, to be published
England International rugby player retired from professional rugby
Youngest ever winner of world youth scrabble championships
Miss Asia-Pacific – stripped of her title but has refused to return the crown
Parents reunited with their son Ashya, who has been offered the possibility of Proton treatment in the Czech Republic
Protestors want the name of Manchester Piccadilly radio station to be replaced by this redolent name
Building that won the unwanted accolade of the Carbuncle Cup
Brit who was cured of Ebola
Cyclist who won the Giro D’Italia already this year, and was leading the Vuelta when he crashed out
Captain of Yorkshire CC banned for two matches for insulting language
Name that scientists have given to the super cluster of galaxies including our own
MP former Labour minister who has announced he wants to stand for Mayor of London in next elections
OAP beheaded in her own back garden
IBF World Welterweight champion stabbed in the leg

In Other News

Dave Lee Travis
Pretzel bakers
Medieval Latin
Kate Bush
Fifi Geldof
3 – 0 Liverpool
6 – 3 Chelsea
Ian McEwan
£2.7 million
Wormwood Scubs
Justin Bieber
Bernard Horgan Howe
He was not in the Ryder Cup squad
Lee Westwood, Stephen Gallagher and Ian Poulter
1 – 0 to England
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Because they are using a version of the Lord’s Prayer which substitutes the late Hugo Chavez for the Lord.
Novak Djokovic
Countdown – 70 series and 6000 shows
South Africa
Ricoh Arena

Jonathan Sexton

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