Saturday, 13 September 2014

In The News

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

Otto Thaning
Tracy Cramond
Aaron Kominski
Carl Frampton
Martin Kimber
Ivan Rovny and Gianluca Brambilla
Sophie Hannah
Andy Daniel and Paul Johnston
Joshua Ferris and Karen Jay Fowler
Saeed Ajmal
Ray Rice
Paul Wilcox
Thokozile Matilda Masipa
Songs of Innocence
Sergio MArchianne
Robert Young
Richard Kiel
Cain Hoy
Rob Ford

In Other News

On which beach did a band of 3000 guitarists play?
Rail season ticket price rises have been capped at which figure?
What was the score in the Scotland v. Germany qualification match?
Who won the Italian GP?
– and the US Men’s Open singles final?
What was the result of Gibraltar’s first ever competitive football international match?
What was the score in the Rep of Ireland’s qualifying match?
Who won the men’s Great North Run?
Who will narrate the new series of the Clangers?
Who is the first UK solo act to notch up more than a billion downloads on Spotify?
Which brit is taking over as the presenter of the US Late Late Show?
Which of the royals is expecting?
What was the score in England’s qualifying match?
How many singles Grand Slam titles has Serena Williams now won?
Who are Tom Watson’s Ryder Cup Wild Card picks?
Which North Yorkshire resort reputedly has more people swearing on Twitter per head than any other town?
Which product did Apple release to much acclaim
What was the score in Wales’ qualifying match?
The wreck of one of the two ships of which explorer has been found?
Whose ‘new’ stories are to be published 23 years after his death?
Which TV comedian and writer gave evidence against Dave Lee Travis in his trial this week?
Which Games opened last week?
Which creature is now on the menu at the Club Gascon Restaurant in the City of London?
Which UK City was voted top city in terms of quality of life?
What was the verdict in the Pistorius Trial?
Napoli’s football team unveiled a new kit made from which material?
In the biggest Euro qualifying shock, which side beat Portugal?
What did Sepp Blatter announce?
The BBC have banned any talk of the Scottish vote from which broadcasts?
Which player was injured by being put through a tough England training session against his club’s express wishes?
10 people have been arrested in Pakistan on suspicion of which crime?
Which TV presenter will sing the part of the Narrator in a stage production of Wind in the Willows?
Margaret Thatcher is to have square named in her honour in which European Capital City?
Which politician passed away?
Which 91 year old actor passed away?

Who are the 2014 English County Cricket champions?

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