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Mastermind Wiki Challenge

Yes, once more I have decided to take the full monty wiki challenge, the last time I'm likely to have the opportunity for the next couple of months. Well, my wiki challenge attempts last week were for me a qualified success. My wiki reading- some of which was reflected in the questions I picked- enabled me to more than double my expected haul of 14 up to 30. So the target for this week is 31 +

According to the BBC website, this week’s subjects are Bobby Moore, the short stories of Edgar Allan Poe, the TV series Our Friends in the North and Richard the Lionheart.
My projected non wiki scores for these rounds would be: -
Bobby Moore – 4
Poe Short stories – 3
Our Friends in the North – 1
Richard the Lionheart – 4
Which I’m sure you will have worked out is a potential 12. Bobby Moore and Richard the Lionheart certainly lend themselves to wiki, the other two subjects not. Still, here’s a list of questions taken from the information on wiki. You'll notice that I haven't included the answers. This is purely in the interests of space. You can download the full Word document if you click on this link : -
Full Wiki Challenge Document
When you get to the webpage, just look in the View the Document box on the left hand side of the page and click bdraf .Ready then? Here we go.

Bobby Moore
One of Moore’s middle names was also the name of a London football club – which?
IN 1998 Moore was chosen posthumously as a member of the World Team of the 20th century. Which company were behind this competition?
How many caps in total did Moore win?
Whose record number of England caps did he beat?
Where was Moore born?
Name the schools Moore attended
When he made his debut playing number 6 for West Ham, which player did he replace in the side?
Which other world cup winner played for Essex County Cricket club’s youth team alongside Moore?
Against which team did Bobby Moore make his full England International debut in 1962?
Which Tottenham hotspur player made his debut in the same match?
Moore assumed the captaincy of England due to an injury to which player?
Against which team did Moore captain England for the first time?
In 1964 Moore was successfully treated for which disease?
Against whom did Moore captain West Ham to the 1964 FA Cup?
Moore led West Ham to win the European Cup Winners Cup in 1965 against which team?
IN which year did Moore become the Football Writers’ player of the year?
In 1966 Moore scored his first international goal for England against which country?
Against which team did Moore score his second and last goal for England?
In the 1966 World Cup, why was Moore’s place in the England squad put into jeopardy?
According to George Cohen, Alf Ramsay considered replacing Moore with whom for the final against West Germany?
What was Moore memorably filmed doing before shaking hands with the Queen at the presentation of the trophy?
In 1966 Moore became the first footballer to win BBC Sports Personality of the Year. Who was the next footballer to do so?
Along with his wife, and Geoff and Kathy Hurst, Moore appeared in adverts for 1966 for which industry?
Against which country did Moore win his 50th cap?
In which city was Moore accused of the theft of a bracelet immediately prior to the 1970 world cup?
With which other player had Moore entered the jewellers shop?
In 1970 Moore was second in the voting for European Player of the Year behind which player?
Along with Jimmy Greaves, Brian Dear and Clyde Best, Moore was sanctioned for visiting a nightclub on the eve of an FA Cup tie against which club?
Which sportsman was the owner of the club?
Against which country did Moore win his 100th cap?
Against which team did Moore win his last cap?
How many times did Moore captain England?
In 1974 Moore made his last appearance for West Ham against which team?
Which player would go on to break Moore’s record for appearences for the club?
Moore made his final appearance in an English club game for Fulham against which club?
Moore played for two teams in the North American Soccer League – San Antonio Thunder and which other?
IN the USA Bicentennial Cup, Moore played for a USA team against an England team captained by which player?
Which Danish team was the last team with which Moore signed a professional contract?
Moore managed two clubs in England – the second being Southend Utd. Which was the first?
In 1990, Moore joined which radio station as a commentator and analyst?
In 1993 Moore made his final public appearance, commentating on the England match v. which country?
Where was Moore’s funeral held?
Moore was only the second sportsman to be honoured with a memorial service in Westminster Abbey – who was the first?
IN the official team song of the 1996 Euros, 3 lions, writers Brody, Skinner and Baddiel in the lyrics referenced Moore’s 1970 tackle on which player?
In 2007 who unveiled the statue of Moore outside the rebuilt Wembley Stadium?
Which honour did Moore receive in 1967?
What was the name of Moore’s character in the film “Escape to Victory”
What is the name of Moore’s son with his first wife Tina?
Whom did Moore marry in 1991?

Short Stories of Edgar Allan Poe
Which was the first Poe short story to be printed?
The early short story “MS Found in a bottle” won Poe a prize from which Baltimore newspaper?
In 1840 the firm of Lea and Blanchard agreed to publish the collection of already published short stories, Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque, based on the popularity of which story?
In which story does a father’s baptism of a child leave her possessed by the soul of her dead mother?
Which semi autobiographical story draws on Poe’s own childhood experiences at school in London?
The Man That Was Used Up is seen as a satire on which US general?
What was the original title of Bon Bon?
Which unusual time is rung by the devilish fiddle player in The Devil in the Belfry
Which short story contains Poe’s poem “The Conqueror Worm”?
Which story is ofen combined with Poe’s article “How to Write a Blackwood Article”?
Which story from 1835 was intended by Poe to be a hoax?
Which 1835 story in The Southern Literary Messenger led to the editor receiving complaints over its level of violence?
Which character from an earlier Poe story reappears for the first time in the short story, The Mystery of Marie Roget?
What was the name of the cat in The Black Cat?
How did Poe describe the physical peculiarity of the murder victim in The Telltale Heart?
In which publication was The Cask of Amontillado first published?
Which short story has a tale within a tale told during a mountain climb in Norway?
IN the Facts of the Case of M. Valdemar – Valdemar , who is hypnotised, is suffering from which disease?
Where in South Carolina is “The Gold Bug” set?
Which story has the alternative title “The Eight Chained Orangutans”?
Who is the main character of “The Masque of the Red Death”?
How did Poe describe his short detective stories such as The Murders in the Rue Morgue
Who or what are torturing the narrator of The Pit and the Pendulum?
The third Auguste C. Dupin Story, the Purloined Letter, first appeared in which annual?
Where was the setting for The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether?

Our Friends in the North
How many episodes were made of the series?
The series was written by which writer?
In which city was it set?
The action of the series takes place over how many years?
Which newspaper rated it the third greatest Television drama of all time?
Flannery originally created the series as a stage play while he was a writer in residence with whom?
Who originally approached Flannery with a view to turning the play into a TV series?
Who was the controller of BBC Two who finally commissioned the series?
Who made his name in the series playing Geordie Peacock?
Name the character played by Christopher Eccleston
 – and Gina McKee
– and Mark Strong
In 1964, why does Geordie decide to move to London
Nicky drops out of his university course to work with which corrupt politician?
Which actor played Felix, Nicky’s father?
When Geordie moves to London, which underworld baron does he fall in with?
Name the former police constable who hangs himself in 1966?
In 1966, Nicky leaves Donohue over his corrupt dealings with whom?
Barrett lends Tosker the money to start which kind of retail business?
In 1967, who urges Nicky to make documents proving the corruption of Donohue and Edwards public?
In 1970, who is asked to head the investigation into police corruption?
In 1970, Nicky’s family are horrified when they discover that he has what hidden under his bed?
What is the name of the Conservative candidate who carries out a smear campaign against Nicky in 1979?
In 1979, Tosker asks Mary for a divorce after meeting whom?
In 1979 Nicky finds out that which flats he helped Donohue to get built are to be knocked down?
In 1984 which position is held by Mary?
IN 1984, how does Mary’s son Anthony lose any chance he has of furthering his career in the police force?
Which of the four main characters does not appear at all in 1984?
Which organisation does Tosker decide to join in 1984?
In 1987, Nicky begins an affair with Alice McDonald, who he meets during what?
In 1987, how does Nicky find Geordie?
In 1987, Geordie receives a life sentence for which crime?
In 1987 which event completely wipes out Tosker and Elaine’s wealth?
In 1995, which business are Tosker and Mary opening?
The last episode ends with Geordie walking alone where?
Which song is played as this last scene occurs?
The budget of Our friends in the north was half of BBC2’s annual budget. How much?
Who was originally approached to direct part of the series, although he didn’t end up directing any of them?
Who left after disagreements with the production team while directing the third episode?
Which of the 4 principal actors was the only native of North East England?
Originally the Production team wanted Christopher Eccleston to play which character?
Which actor’s scenes were filmed in a three week block because the budget couldn’t pay for him to be used longer?
The series faced some criticisms when scenes were reshot on which pebble beach to pass for Whitley Bay?
Which award was Peter Flannery presented with at the BAFTAs for his work on the series?
Which of the four principals won an acting BAFTA for the series?
Flannery’s projected prequel, Our Friends in the South, which was never made, would have focussed on which event of the 1930s?

Richard the Lionheart
What was Richard’s regnal number as Duke of Normandy?
What nickname was Richard given due to his tendency to change his mind?
Which king of France was one of Richard’s co-commandeers of the Third Crusade?
Richard was born where in 1157?
Who was Richard’s oldest brother, who died before Richard was born?
What was the name of Richard’s wet nurse?
What was the title of Geoffrey de Vinsauf’s allegedly first hand account of Richard’s part in the third Crusade?
Whose daughter was an arrangement for Richard to marry made when he was 2 years old?
In the early 1160s Louis VII of France originally refused to allow which of his daughters to marry Richard?
At Richard’s betrothal to Alys, for which territory did he pay homage to Louis?
In 1171 Richard and his mother Eleanor laid the foundation stone of St. Augustine’s monastery in which town?
Where in 1172 was Richard formally recognised as the Duke of Aquitaine?
During the rebellion against his father, Richard was repulsed when trying to take which port, after which he withdrew to Saintes?
After Henry II’s forces took Saintes, in which chateau did Richard take refuge for the rest of the conflict?
Which Treaty of 1174 between Henry II and Louis specifically excluded Richard from the terms of the treaty?
Following Richard’s making peace with his father, who was kept Henry’s prisoner to ensure his good behaviour?
Whose chronicle is the main source for Richard’s actions against rebel barons in Aquitaine following his peace with Henry?
Richard acquired the epithet Coeur de Lion during the siege of which castle?
A major revolt against Richard’s rule broke out in which area of Aquitaine in 1179?
In 1182 Richard faced another revolt over the succession to which county?
In 1183 Young King Henry and which other of Richard’s brothers invaded Aquitaine?
In return for Philip II’s aid against his father he promised to give away his rights in which two areas?
Where in 1187 did Richard join French nobles in taking the cross?
After his coronation in Westminster, whom did Richard have flogged, stripped and thrown out of court?
Whom did the newly crowned Richard agree to free from his oath of servitude in exchange for 10,000 marks towards his crusading expenses?
William Longchamps, Richard’s Chancellor also held which ecclesiastical post?
Richard confirmed which of his father’s appointees to the role of seneschal of Normandy?
What was the name of the Bishop of Durham appointed as one of two regents on Richard’s departure on the third crusade?
Who died and was replaced as regent by William Longchamps?
Richard’s arrival in Sicily resulted in which of his aunts being freed from captivity?
Which Sicilian city did Richard loot and burn before making it his base?
Who was the father of Richard’s Queen Berengaria?
Name the despot of Cyprus deposed by Richard
To whom did Richard eventually sell the island of Cyprus?
Where did Richard’s 1191 marriage to Berengaria take place?
Where in the Holy Land did Richard land in 1191?
During the capture of Acre, Richard was suffering from which disease?
Whose banner did Richard’s men tear down and throw in the moat after it was erected in equal prominence to Richard’s in Acre?
At which battle, which took place 30 miles north of Jaffa, did Richard defeat Saladin’s forces?
Where did Richard decide to turn back his army, only about 12 miles from Jerusalem?
Where did Richard and his forces refortify in 1192?
An election forced Richard to accept who as the nominal king of Jerusalem?
In June 1192, what did Richard say was the only way he would take part in an attack on Jerusalem?
On his return from the holy land, Richard’s ship was forced by bad weather to land on which island?
Richard was shipwrecked near which ancient Italian city, forcing him to journey overland through Europe?
When Leopold of Austria captured Richard near Vienna, he accused him of the murder of whom?
In which castle was Richard imprisoned by Leopold?
Which song did Richard write for his half sister Marie de Champagne while imprisoned?
Where did Leopold hand Richard to Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor?
Where did Henry imprison Richard?
What was the ransom in marks demanded by Henry?
After Richard’s forgiveness of his brother John for his revolt during his absence, Richard installed John as his heir in place of whom?
What was the name of the treaty between Richard and Philip II in December 1195?
Where did Richard establish his base for operations in Normandy in 1196?
Which chateau did Richard build on land seized from Walter of Coutances?
After which 1194 battle did Philip II flee leaving Richard to capture many of his financial documents?
Which motto did Richard adopt at the battle of Gisors in 1198?
Richard died when besieging the castle of Chalus Chabrol to suppress a revolt by whom?
According to contemporary sources, what did Richard give to the boy who inflicted the crossbow wound which was to result in his death?
Where was Richard’s heart buried?

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